Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Too built A Bridge

One of my clients has given me permission to share this poem...Isn't it beautiful?
Your words gripped the soul
forced me to think some more
said my shadow would be shed
my heart dropped to the floor.

Seems that chasm got wider
as broad as the deep blue sea.
Oh, but I'll still be watching you
in your attempts to shed me.

I saw the angst in your eyes
as you stepped "in air on trust"
but your giving into doubt
was the start of the end of us.

I too built a bridge, embedded
deep in the rocks of the soul.
Trusting only in love, shared,
doubting not, deep and bold.

Visions you failed to explain
kept us drifting and suspended;
even beyond the horizon's view
of rainbows,  you transended.

I shall watch where you walk
wills and wishes are but sand.
When that chasm "is" narrowed
need only to reach for my hand.

Shed my shadow. Let tears cleanse.
Go seek your horizons at the ridge.
When those rainbows have been spent
remember ..."I Too Built A Bridge."

(Inspired by Patricia's "My Bridge of Creation")

Del Cano 2004


  1. Oh my!  I know this man!  Love to read his stuff.  Completely delighted to have seen you pop up on the Blog Board just now.  I'll be back...sickeningly voracious reader that I am! ;)  C.

  2. Hey, I totally agree...I love his poetry...I met him on Gather...You there too?