Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Edit Me, Honey

I recently edited a short story for my friend and poet Del Cano...

This was part of his payment...I loved it and hope you do too!


Edit Me, Honey
Oh my goodness
my words you touched
put your heart in it
made me so blushed.
Tossed out commas
contractions too
I didn't give a damn
cause it was you.
Oh, how you moved
those words in and out
you thrilled me so
I could've just shout.
You even massaged
my quotation marks
each time you did
created sparks.
Just edit me, honey
remove a whole line
take it out, put it in
your touch is so fine.
And when you
remove an "ing"
oh, my, my
I hear bells ring.
Just to see you
put words in a bracket
rockets my senses
like a ball hit by a racquet.
Just edit me, honey
snatch anything out
you got the power
you got the clout.
Never felt this way
got to give you credit
you know what to do
when you start to edit.
Got a whole pile here
have at it at you will
erase, pull out, whatever
give me that editing thrill.

Del Cano

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