Monday, July 21, 2008

Question from clients

One of the issues that many authors say to me, is "I had no idea what I was getting into..."

Did you?

For many writers, their dream has been to be published! And that is as far as they've dreamed.

Oh yes, some believe they are going to make lots of money and that their books) will undoubtedly be made into a movie(s). I certainly wouldn't want to break into somebody's dream and burst it! However, once in awhile, I think new authors, especially, might need a reality check...

Do you write...just because?  That is, do you write because that is what you need to do?  Well, that is a wonderful gift you have and I hope you will find happiness through your writing! Whether or not you ever write a book!

My partner, former publisher and author Bettie Tucker, has suggested that I should write two non-fiction books, based upon my experiences.  I know that I could write them. I know that there may be some interest...or that I would have an audience to some extent. I doubt either would be accepted by a mainline publisher, however. Yes, I could publish via a POD doubt about that...but I already know what would happen at that point!

I wouldn't be having fun any more!

Reading books and writing reviews is fun for me most of the time.

Publishing and working to sell your LOTS of work! Since I've retired, I don't plan to work if I'm not having I don't write my two books, even though I still keep files and try out articles once in awhile to test interest. Maybe, some day, it will be important for me to write them...but it isn't right now...

How about you? So, you've written that book...

I wrote recently about one of my clients having sold 138,000 books in just about 5 months. I'm so excited for him! And, frankly, amazed!
The average sales for self-published books is 2-300 according to my publisher friend.

Now, the client who has sold many books has been working with a publicist...that is a wonderful option if you have the money... Choosing to go with a publicist should be based also on whether you are working to write a book versus start a career in writing.  If you havemany books inside of you, just bursting to get out, then using money to hire a publicist may be the best possible choice for you.

If you have been published by a large or small publisher, your sales may be higher, perhaps in the thousands.  The sales numbers will be a major factor in how much any publisher will do in the way of book signings, publicity, and whether they will continue to carry your book into multiple years. (By the way, always make sure you think of these things when you consider signing a contract.)

If you are self-published...then plan on doing everything yourself.  Sure, some publishing companies have packages for publicity...but you will be paying for each of those optional packages.

If you haven't reached the point of submitting to publishers, NOW is the time for you to research what publishers will do for you versus what you will need to do to publish your own book(s).

By the way, it's quite alright for a writer to admit that they know little or nothing about the publishing and marketing part of writing!  It's not only alright, it's a major step you should take to know what you are getting into!


Have a good day and God Bless!

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