Thursday, July 17, 2008

Message from Author of Bravo!


This note is for "Glenda," who reviewed my book, BRAVO! on the site.  Kindly put this in her 'in' box.

Hello, Glenda Bixler.  I published a book, KEYSTONE, on the history of my state (our state?).  But this was my first book with a chance at a national audience.  I can't express my gratitude and esteem for the work you did in reviewing BRAVO!  It wasn't simply that it was a favorable review; but that you pounced on some of the very points that I hoped readers might notice.  The fact that you were the first to put a review on Amazon is also gratifying to me. 

I hope to offer you an update in the book's progress in the coming months as I host some book-signing events.  In any case, please accept my

Warm regards,

g u y



  1. Nice letter. It must make you proud :)


  2. Thanks Dan...and yes, I enjoy getting feedback!