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Travel with Karen Chalfant in Novel, Deep In Time...

Since I first watched the early movies of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, one of my favorite types of book is the merge of the paranormal within a romantic story. Deep in Time is such a delight and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

But this is not a ghost story!  It is time travel with a most extraordinary method of travel!

Rebecca pulled her rented yellow Volkswagen off the gravel road at 9:00 a.m. the next morning, pulled up the rod-iron ornate gate and stopped. Leaving the engine running she searched through her purse, found the needed key and got out of the car.
The gate was long, covering a span of twenty feet. She slipped the key in the lock, it popped open and she moved the chain.
She swung one side of the gate open, got back in the car and pulled in, leaving the gate open for Alex, who she expected shortly...
Whispering Grove, her family's large plantation home, soon came into view and she pulled up under her favorite oak, parked and got out...Even though she'd known this house since she was born, it never ceased to leave her in awe. Its sparkling white pain  with blue trim, six large pillars, numerous windows, patio doors and its wide veranda, with white wicker chairs, that wrapped around the whole give giving it an air of welcome that most couldn't resist. It had been well cared for and its design and structure had been well thought out... 
Her aunt was expecting her and had in fact seen her pull up. Her bedroom was on the second floor at the front of the house but when she knew her niece was coming she had the nurse and servants help her to the front parlor, where a comfortable lounge chair awaited her. Rebecca knew these were the moments her aunt lived for these days, waiting for her or Alex, or both. So, she always tried to arrive prepared with stories from the city and her Haunted Tours to share, as well as a new book or something she'd find amusing to help pass the time...
"What did you bring me today?"
"A book. I got it from a new book shop. It's a mystery."
"Good. I love a good mystery." 
"I have something for you too" She
"No one to my
has worn it."
reached over to the antique end table, grabbed a black satin box and handed it to Rebecca. Rebecca flipped the lid open and pulled out a gold chain, its links thicker than she usually saw, upon which an unusual oval shaped go charm hung. Not slid in form, it had almost a spidery look with a small ruby sitting in the middle. It reminded Rebecca of a tear drop.
"Aunt Emma, this is so beautiful, so unusual. Where on earth did you get it?"
"It's been in the family for years. No one knows where it came from. It's just been passed down through the generations and then put away and almost forgotten about. 
Rebecca slipped the gold chain over her head and the ruby came to rest between her breasts--suddenly sending a tingly feeling throughout her body, almost akin to a shock. Then it was gone. Not knowing what to think of such an oddity she passed it off and smiled at her aunt--who seemed not to have noticed.
"Well, someone will be wearing it now. I love it. Thank you, Aunt Emma."

Deep in Time

By Karen Chalfant

Rebecca Brousseau had been living with her Aunt Emma every since her parents had died, together. Years later, now, Aunt Emma was moving toward the end of her life and Rebecca visited as often as she could. Rebecca, a haunted house tour guide worked odd and late hours, but took care to keep her Aunt in books and other special things each time she visited. But this time, her Aunt had a present for her as well, a beautiful antique necklace that apparently had been in the family for years, but for whatever reason, had never been worn by any family member...

Rebecca's lover and her Aunt's lawyer, Alex, had made all arrangements for Aunt Emily's entire estate to go to Rebecca. But when Rebecca lost her too soon, she wasn't worried about what she had inherited... So, when she finally felt she was able to deal with the legal aspects, she was surprised to learn that not only had she entertained the entire plantation, but also a local tavern, one Rebecca had never known was owned by her family...

Adjusting to her new responsibilities could take time, but, after moving into her Aunt's home, she also started going in to meet with the present manager, who she asked to stay on, and to get to know the business. She had never owned any property and felt a great responsibility... That feeling of responsibility was not welcomed by the man who had controlled all aspects of the Tavern for many years...

Before finishing her tour guide position, Rebecca was working one night, only to have a man, apparently dressed in costume, join the group. He introduced himself as Maddox and instead of watching the places they were touring, he kept his eyes on Rebecca...and the necklace she wore...

Not thinking too much about him, except from a personal point of her attraction to him, she was shocked, upon beginning to review what was in the attic of her new home, to find a picture who she had just met on her last tour! The painting was dated a century ago...

Can a spell cast many years ago bring together true lovers? Readers will enjoy watching it happen! And also watch Rebecca as she takes on many new responsibilities and then... disappears... I must admit I had a few questions at the end--would I give up my life for what may be true love? Would you?

This is a fast read which flows smoothly from one calamity to another while we watch a young woman move into an entirely new, independent life that offers so very much...Wealth and riches or love... Karen Chalfant takes us Deep in Time to tell us this intriguing and enjoyable tale. Highly recommended.


Love God, Live Life, And Write It All Down...

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