Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Poetry by Adolph Caso - I Call You God

You know, I met Adolfo well over ten years ago, when I was in Chicago for my first (and only) book show... He was handing out his own book and had run out before I got one. He promptly got my address and sent me a copy...which I promptly reviewed! 

One of my joys is reading his poetry, even though I am not trained in any way to interpret... You know, sometimes, I think there is meaning only to the poet, and we readers admire the words, but are not quite sure what was meant...

This poem, "I Call You God," was like that for me. It's from his book Water and Life: Photos and Poems... Now I did have a hint since he provided a photo of a stone statue of a woman... My thoughts were many and the complementary music reflects it. For instance, I wondered why he started with the fact that even rock starts to wear down... and then went back to an earlier time. Did he speak of a lost love, but then found another? And why did he used a capitalized God instead of a small letter? Did he mean to reflect on the thought of sometimes others, or even money or things sometimes take a place between each of us and God?

In any event, the chosen music reflects my opinion that his words referred to a woman in his life. My selections reflect my thoughts of how a couple might come to love each other...perhaps, so much, it...hurts... What do you think?


I've fixed you in a statue
and called you God--
your attributes
not those of stone
over which
I've worked
to capture
                                          a moment
of fleeting immortality.
Have I?

The hardest rock
crumbles with time.

I look at yesterday's flower,
at your face,
all resolving
into un-recallable moments
that live and follow us
through every step
every passion
and keenest desires--
always and forever changing.

I've fixed you in a statue 
and called you God.

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