Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Heartwarming Story of Gus The Goose by Wayne Watson!

He was such a little thing when Wayne found and picked him up, taking him home after determining there was no way to know where he had come from. 

His family, even his wife knew he needed to stay there with them. They named his Gus the Goose...This is his story... in lovely poetic form...

There happens every now and then
A time so special, a time that when
We get to share our life with someone new
A time to spend some time each day
To share with each along life's way
With memories made to last your whole life through.

Well settle back and settle down
And gather one and all around
To listen to this story I've to share
It's 'bout a goose that came our way
A gosling orphaned nature's way
When fragrant flowers filled the warm spring air...

This story's 'bout a goose named Gus
Who came our way to share with us
Some very special times in our life
I guess it was by accident
That to our home this goose was sent
Our hearts he's won, myself, our boys, my wife.

What a heartwarming, lovely story for young and old! In just 70 pages, the author, Wayne Watson, shares a personal and family story when a little gosling joins the family.

Using the poetic form, together with home pictures, this is a perfect tale to read or provide for your young children, to allow them to see that many animals, considered wild, could also be friends, and even become part of the family. I admit, other than have geese living on a farm, I had never thought of a gosling/goose as a pet... I did discover that many do become long-term companions and included a story about Sloop the Goose below, who is now 25 years old!

The children were so excited and, of course, wanted to keep him. But Wayne knew up front that it would only be until he was able to fly and find others of his flock... Until then, Gus the Goose came to "It's all right Gus!" and soon knew that he could be happy and safe with those who had adopted him.

Having the pictures of Gus with the family and as he grew was an important part of the book and I appreciated the effort to provide those to match the words that shared the story. 

This is a wonderful family-oriented book that deserves to be shared. It not only provides information about the little gosling, but it will provide by example the kind of family that takes in a pet and provides more than just food and shelter... The kind of family each of us must be to animals taken into our care. A loving family...

And there's another important lesson to be learned...if it is best to give up that pet for a better life, then we must be willing to do just that...When Gus saw fellow geese, he was ready to leave his adopted family to fly with a new family because, you see, the geese need Gus to help them survive and live well as well...

I enjoyed so much the fun of learning about living with a gosling and watching him grow... If you are an animal lover of any age, I highly recommend you check this precious true story out!


Wayne Watson grew up in a country town south of Boston, MA, surrounded by woods, brooks, cow pastures, corn fields, swamps, and a pond--all which were home to numerous wildlife such as raccoons, possums, foxes, woodchucks, skunks, pheasants, geese, ducks, snakes, turtles, frogs, and fish. He spent much of his summer exploring these surroundings with friends, watching and catching all the various wildlife therein. Many wild animals soon became family pets—at least for a little while, except for, Gus the Goose.
Wayne continues to enjoy the great outdoors and all the activities it has to offer. He plans on retiring in the near future and to build a log cabin somewhere in the northern New England woods, where he can continue to be surrounded by nature and all that it has to offer, and, to continue writing books in natures’ peaceful surroundings.

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