Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Come Meet Uvi Poznansky in Spotlight on her Art and Writing...


Flying towards you is a strong, mature figure, representing Wind. I imagine the air flapping across her body; and yet, she pauses for a second to listen to something, a small and nearly negligible sound perhaps, a sound from a quiet place behind her.

Late Lover

A diamond short, a decade late
I come to stand outside your gate
Unlock and open, let me in
Forgive me, love; what is my sin?

I fled from you across the land
But now I ask you for your hand
A decade late, a diamond short
I can't imagine why you snort

My limbs are frail, my breath is cold
I must admit I may look old
I fall, I kneel, why—I implore
You are the woman I adore

I feel so weak, I feel so brittle
Don't touch! I may be impotent a little
You loved me once - or so I thought
Stop! Take your fingers off my throat—

Silence of the Bard

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