Monday, August 28, 2017

Adolph Caso Shares Latest Poetry - Siren of the Sea - Placement...

By Adolph  Caso
(Dedicated to Marianne)

Having hung
The heavy silver statue
Of a beautiful mermaid
At an appropriate spot--
The wide over-hanging roof
Of my house--
I stood watching
Its diving forward positions,
From one side or another according
As directed by the wind.
Friends and relatives--
Watching through the kitchen window
Or in full daylight outside the house,
Were mesmerized
In viewing the flowing elegance
Of that Siren.
I was not convinced
On its stability in that location.

In looking for another more secure spot,
I saw this abandoned hook
At the extreme corner of the wide eaves
Under which,
Scattered rose-branches
Danced aimlessly--
Suspended in space.

With difficulty, due to degenerative pain
Of octogenarians—a real octo,
I lifted the heavy statue from its present position,
And diligently placed its line
Into the hook under the corner eave--
By myself
Precariously off balance.

With an awkward effort
And between one groan after another,
I managed to lift the mermaid to the right position.
Finally, seeing it floating as if in free fall,
I directed her head slanted forward to the ground.
As if diving,
She came to a complete stop.

What a sight!
Her silver color shined forth
As if the light
From the morning sun
Were destined
To give life
To her body,

Seeing the Siren
Precariously swinging to the wind,
I sought help to give stability
To the unstable hook-up
(I know my physical limitations).

Having eaten a pound
Of their grandmother’s pasta,
Together with more than twelve meatballs,
I enjoined Rudy and Douglas--
Robust young men,
And without hesitation,
Succeeded in attaching the line,
Properly secured to the hook.
The siren gently turned with the wind.
While below, the rose branches
To the rhythm of their own music.

The morning after, to my amazement,
One of the rose branches
Found its way between the arms of the Siren
With leaves right in front of her face:
Her eyes stared into the leaves   
While its nose sought
The aroma
To emanate from a rose bud about to bloom.
Two entities:
One inanimate,
The other organic,
In a most unlikely symbiosis--
Possible only
If I were projecting my own face
Into a statue made from metal.

In a few days,
The symbiosis realized itself:
Directly in front of the Siren’s face,
A small red rose opened its red petals
To my real joy.
It was a sight to behold!
The Siren had come alive:.
The symbiosis fulfilling itself!  

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