Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Today...something totally off the wall...

Hey everybody, I was online and the phone with Windows reps last night with computer issues so lost reading time...

At the same time, I've had a friend helping me with cabin cleaning and he needs to do a few things in the office I've created... and while I've been going through things, I found something that I had started...

Will you help me finish it?

This is either a poem...or I was thinking, really a song...
What do you think first? And then what can I do to get started again to's been so long!

Unnamed as of Yet

Alone in the dark, I find a melody
Alone in the dark, I find the words to sing
Alone in the dark, the Son's music surrounds me

He is my song. He is my melody
I sing to you, But it's His words you hear...
His love
My highest joy. His love is [why or what] I sing
He fills me up...

Here in His House, His Spirit Sings to me
Here in His House, we sing His melody
A love so deep, He sings Inside of Me...
That it bursts forth

Then sings my soul, how good You are to me

The song appears in deep or sorrowful pain

Well, that's all she wrote!
Is it worth working on it?
Can you help me fix it?
Any poets or songwriters out there?

Note: I know that I was working on this when I was in a period of deep depression and I haven't looked at it for years...
Won't you help me write it?

Write to me or leave comments...
Let's see if we can finish this together!
I know the rhythm is off, since this was just a first draft.
Added this to get you thinking of Him!


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