Sunday, March 27, 2016

Aolfo Caso Presents Dolore - Remembering... Why Easter!

(On Suffering)
His mouth
semi-wide and tense
opened and closed
with each blow
of the hammer
they pierced
his hands
on the cross
What pain, or sorrow
was felt
his eyes
did not show
though wrinkles
surrounding the cavities
and drew light
with each blow.
Adolph Caso

Observations in Poetry and Pictures

Wasn't the sun shining so brightly this morning?
As God often does, an old song began in my mind...
Yes, I was thinking about Easter 
Yet it was the sorrow, the pain He bore for us
that will allow us Sunshine Tomorrow...and always...
And when I looked, I was led to this poem that 
I had not read since 2006 when I first read it!
Certainly this is how we celebrate Easter
and all of our mornings forever...
For Jesus died for us! And Arose!

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