Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Blogging is Wonderful Way to Receive and Share Wishes on Your Birthday, including Lovely Poem by Michael H. Hanson

Happy Birthday, Glenda.

From David Michael Harvey

From Duffy Brown


She’s cozy, not feeling the blues

with no desire to move around

or make a call or check the news,

she’s wearing cozy like a crown.

She’s cozy in her underwear

without any pajamas’ drag,

soaking sunlight where she is bare

she’s flying cozy like a flag.

She’s cozy without ambition,

rejecting all need to create

or following a tradition,

she’s sipping cozy like a shake.

She’s earned this lethargic repast

and cozy idyll that shan’t last.

by Michael H. Hanson

Oil painting. So much detail it does look like a photo when small or seen from a distance. The original is hanging on the wall in my living room. Sometimes I think it is my doppelganger watching me. wink emoticon
Did I ever share that I play the piano...although nothing like this
wonderful artist...I preferred singing in church rather than playing but always did both...and, classical music has always been one of my preferred genres.
But...got to say, I never heard anything like this! Loved it!

I found this and it made me sing...Why don't you celebrate your birthday too
while you listen! 

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