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Stop! Stop! Heed My Words! Think Before You Consider The Author by Corbin Dailey...

Krystal and I sat there for a few minutes in silence, as the alcohol began taking a slight effect on us. The music really started sounding awesome, I already liked the song before I was drinking, but now it seemed like one of the most awesome songs ever created. Krystal must've felt the same way, as she had me play it again when it finished. 
We listen to many different heavy metal songs, all of them seemed to go really well with the mood in the room, as Krystal sat in her chair, slightly banging her head to the beat of the music. I refilled our glasses for us, trying to not take my eyes off Krystal the entire time. She was so beautiful, her sweet smile just seemed to melt my heart. I really don't understand how I could ever knowingly hurt someone like her, it didn't seem possible, she seemed like a gift from above, the answer to all my prayers. I was going to make her so proud of me tonight, I was going to start punishing Mike for all of his crimes, every last one of them.

The Author

By Corbin Dailey

Stop! If you do not want to support a book that is so badly edited that sometimes you have to stop and figure out what word is meant...e.g., tounge for tongue; pining for pinning, seeky, I assume for sneaky--as just a few samples. There is an excessive use of apostrophes also--thrown in so much in some parts of the book that it seems that it was written by multiple people. It is clear that this book has not be edited, not even by the author... Note the incorrect use of force's from the blurb online...
With doubts of his ability to even start writing his next best selling book, John Bennett has hit a rough patch. With divorce taking him on a downward spiral he takes medication with questionable side effects. During a chance meeting he meets a strange woman who quickly controls his heart strings. There are force's at work that will change his life but he needs to make a choice. Will he have a wonderful life or a life of misery, even death.
Stop! If you do not want to be fooled by the beautiful cover and the title and the blurb, like I was. I enjoy books about writers so quickly selected this one recently. The blurb in no way hints at what actually is in the book. The genres listed are mystery, erotica and horror... Still, these are insufficient to provide adequate descriptions. I would list also S&M, drugs, bad trips...

The basic premise of the book is that a writer, with a block, has gone to a doctor for help. Along with two types of depression meds, he is given an experimental drug for "brain boosting"...

The first problem I picked up on was that the doctor told him how to take the pills (contrary to how they should have been?).
Then the pharmacy tells him how to take them a different way, apparently the safe way... But that didn't matter anyway, because the writer is supposedly so desperate that he overdoses himself.

"I've never taken other antidepressants, my doc told me a genetic test made me fully compatible with the Lexapro, do you think I'll be okay taking it with
the Amitriptyline?" I asked hesitantly.
"I know people try to kill themselves when they start new meds sometimes."
"You shouldn't have any issues," He replied. " If you do feel suicidal, then please contact me immediately, so we can get you a medication that won't do that to you. I'd suggest going to a nice quiet place, I think with everything that's happened to you lately, you might find the right prescription for you is peace and quiet, especially trying out the new pills. You might get freaky on them at first, you don't want to get all freaky in the city, might end up in jail. I've heard of weird side effects, so if you have anyplace you can go to, even better if in the woods, than in town, I'd head there. You can always let me know where you're at, I can come by and check on you in a few days,
if you 'd like."

He begins to hallucinate...he winds up heading out on a lake, with a gas can, ready to set fire to himself. This part reads as if this really was a either a dream or bad trip and does gain reader interest in what is going to happen...

Then it happens that a criminal who is being looked for by the police, having escape with the help of his girlfriend, sees what the writer is doing and saves him...

Only to completely go into super-evil criminals who are willing to do harm, even while recognizing that the man is either crazy or tripping...Then we have a scene where the female is overcome with passion for the writer as he seduces her but to me is an assault, which she apparently enjoys, and who, afterwards, promptly goes and takes her boyfriend in the same fashion...

Now these supposed erotic scenes totally turned me against the book. I've read erotica and have reviews on my adult blog...this was almost pornographic assault scenes in my opinion, although some might not think so, given the lack of any restrictions on what is considered these days for general viewing or reading.

A twist comes taking the book in a different direction and the scenes become more and more violent and the female becomes domineering...

This book has been self-published. To me, the sad part about this book is that with a major editing, that should have caught issues like what the doctor said to his patient--go some place by yourself and try out these drugs even though he'd seen some freaky things happened for somebody on new meds! And be sure to call me if you think about suicide! These unrealistic spots could have easily been corrected. And some scenes should have been brought back from the extreme... The point being is that the concept of the story itself is not bad. The actual presentation, however, has been allowed to become so surrealistic that it has gone beyond the believable for most readers. The ending is unique and in line with the type of S&M activities now being explored (unfortunately in my personal opinion).

As I thought about ranking the book, it hit me that with self-publishing, readers can be exposed to R rated material without any early warning. Even the erotic genre is too broad and it prompted me to check--50 Shades of Gray is Sagas and Romance for Genres! This, in my opinion, is a serious issue for the self-publishing movement, don't you think?

In any event, I cannot recommend this book. In ranking it, I've taken off a full "star" for editing problems! Risk it at your discretion...


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