Monday, February 8, 2016

Mary Lee Bundles Little Pup Books for Little Children!

"Why do I have to wear a hat? Little Pup asked
Grey Bear.
"Because I love you,  I don't want you to get cold,"
replied Grey Bear."
This cute little pup is the star of a series! He is so cute that your toddler to young readers will get to know and love him as a friend.

And all the while the stories about little pup will be teaching something very basic to your children. In this three book collection children will learn, first, about love. Yes, it is a very good thing to emphasize to a child that, because they are loved, there must be a few things that they must learn to do. That may be for health or safety issues or things that the child just is not old enough to know the right choice. Thankfully, this author has realized that it is effective to teach about these things through books...

"I love you!"
The first book specifically begins a response with "Because I love you" and then proceeds to teach, for instance, about wearing a hat outside...

Why it's important to take a bath after playing outside...

Why he needs to eat salads to grow...

But when Little Pup seemed to become sad with all these restrictions,

Grey Bear also said that, because he loved Little Pup, that he also wanted him to have fun and adventures and then took the time to play with him until he was once again happy.

Do you think it was important that Grey Bear balanced out that loving him meant both the great fun and little rules at the same time? 

The first thing most of us learn about the alphabet is The ABC song...but once you know them in the series, you normally begin learning them along with words... Of course, most of us think: A is for Apple...

Mary Lee, however, in her Little Pup book has made this into an "activity" by using the alphabet to talk about things you love! I thought this was a great idea, because if you play it along with somebody, you will get to learn about what somebody else loves. For instance, I would say, "C" is for "Cats." And did you notice that the cat has spots like Little Pup... So somebody might say "S" is for "Spot" because I love spots on animals!

This is a unique way to learn because the words chosen may be very simple or they may be harder depending on who is answering... For instance, in the book Little Pup said "I love Flamingos." Some children may not know what a Flamingo is, so it is a good thing there is a picture on each page! I should take this time to point out that Mary Lee is also the illustrator for her books so naturally, each book is beautifully presented, with each page telling the needed story to explain what she's sharing in each book...

Which leads us to the last book in this collection.

We all dream but most times don't remember them. But Little Pup had dreamed and enjoyed his dream so much that he wanted to hurry and go back to dream land.

So he was quite willing to put on his pajamas, brush his teeth and all the other night activities that each child does at night--maybe even having this story read!

Well, Little Pup had gotten so excited about heading for dreamland, that he couldn't go to sleep that night! What could he do?

When I'm having trouble falling to sleep, I sing songs! Yes! or Maybe somebody would sing to you until you fall asleep. But Little Pup wanted to get to Dreamland all by himself and he tried several things before he came up with an excellent idea...Such a good idea that I bet many children, and adults like me, would never think of this great idea!

Good thing Mary Lee did!

You can tell that Mary Lee is a mother who loved her children. Why? Because I could actually "feel" the caring of this writer/illustrator who has taken the time to parcel children's lives into ages and has started writing age-appropriate material as she must have provided for her children. This basic set is delightful, easy to comprehend and are made children-friendly so that children will totally enjoy her stories... Let's watch!

You know what, I not only recommend it, but took a short poll and found that each of these pups would enjoy the books too! They especially loved Little Pup!


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Mary Lee on The Meredith Show, NBC-Wisc TV

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