Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What's Happening at Book Readers Heaven Another Month Has Flown By!

Time goes by so fast! I even missed the 1st of the month when I normally write this monthly article! But that's okay because I had a wonderful break this past weekend reading Lauren Carr, one of my favorite authors... What have you been reading? Did you write and review to post online? If you didn't please do check out the article on How to Write a Simple Review which I did recently. In fact, while you're here, go through the articles and see if you missed any!
Thanks so much for visiting here or at my adult blog for a big 22,015 hits! I so appreciate both my steady fans plus those that stop by to read specific reviews for books of interest. That's what makes it so much fun to check my stats at the end of the month...Some will come whenever I review for specific authors. Others come for specific genres. I like to keep a range of genres so that there will be some type of postings of interest to different people... Let me know if you'd like to see or read something here at BRH...

The first month of the year was not so great. As you know, my family lost my dear brother-in-law around the holidays and it is hard to think about a loved one that is gone, plus talking with those that remain and need to share their sorrow, their grief. Here at the cabin, as you may have read in one of my reviews with a handyman main character, I've had help that I normally wouldn't have, as various areas are being spruced up, painted, or repaired. A much needed upgrade for my home, but a very big distraction from my reading time.

I'll be participating in a blog tour later this month for this extraordinary book, The Shamed:In the Mind of Revenge. Do be on the lookout on the 28th for this spotlight...  Then in May around Mother's Day, I'll be participating in the Mother's Day Tour which is now being celebrated in a pre-release activity on Facebook... All of the stories will provide a mother-related tale and 10% percent of the proceeds will be given to MS research...
I never thought I would say it, but right now I'm enjoying reading a vampire book...thanks to Declan Finn...I'll be telling you why soon. As with another flying story or two, this time a human in time travel tales by Denniger Bolton... Erec Stebbins, Stan I.S. Law and Hillel Damron are on my list as well as soooo many others. Please bear with me as I know I am extremely behind due to my health and personal issues... On the other hand, it is soooo wonderful to be able to pick up a good book, sip a cup of hot tea, and relax into the latest! And then tell you all about it!

Hey, Valentine's Day is Coming! Kids don't forget to share yours with friends and loved ones and let them know you like/love them!

And for those of you who are older,
Remember it's the words that count!

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