Thursday, October 15, 2015

This Little Piggy's Leaving Home... What's Happening at BRH!

Well, the time is finally here...

Remember when I shared a poem from Body Language by Janet Cameron Hoult...
If not, here it is again...


Twisted Toe

My second toe just doesn't know
which direction it should go

It starts to bend, then curves around
I'm just not sure which way it's bound

Right now it's brushing up against
its sister toe which has the sense

To keep on straight and to ignore
the one that doesn't know the score

For it should stop its funny moves
and keep its owner in the groove

So she doesn't completely unwind
and end up landing on her behind.

It was fun counting toes with Mommy when we were young, but when we've aged, sometimes those toes make problems for us... Like the picture above, a problem which is called a Hammertoe, decides to start moving to the side rather than straight... Mine is now laying across the big toe...

So, if you remember the poem, This little piggy went to Market...and this little piggy stayed home...

Well, that little piggy that stayed home is now blocking the big piggy from going to the market!

So I had to talk to my doctor and he decided that the piggy who always stayed home needs to finally leave! And that's going to happen tomorrow sometime...

I have no idea what physical reaction I might have as a result of the surgery, so you may not see me for a few days...

Sure would appreciate your prayers and thoughts if you care to speak to the Big Guy for me!


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