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Adolph Caso Shares Thoughts on Columbus Day...2015

Christoper Columbus arrives in America
Christoper Columbus arrives in America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Columbus Day: 
12 October 2015

Observations and Reactions, 
by Adolph Caso

1. Europeans, including Chinese, and Columbus were aware of China and not of the Americas.

2. Neither the inhabitants of the Americas nor those of the known continents knew each other.

3. On October12, 1492, Europeans first met with “Native Americans” and vice versa.

4. Columbus described the natives as well built, wearing no clothes, with good disposition, and easily conquerable.

5. On his return to Spain, he took four natives aboard ship. Two decided not to go, and dove into the water. The other two remained aboard. In Spain, the Europeans saw “Native Americans” for the first time. The King and Queen employed the two in their court, and they died of natural causes.

6. The second voyage included fifteen ships, a large number of soldiers, trade personnel, including samples of domestic animals, including horses, plants, books, manuals, religious relics, etc. Though the leader of the enterprise, except for piloting the ships safely across the ocean, Columbus was only a figure-head. The Spaniards were in command.

7. On the third voyage, Columbus guided the Spaniards’ return to the new world islands. There, he was imprisoned, place in chains and brought back to Spain, where the Queen pardoned him.

8. Columbus was once again placed in command of the fourth voyage bearing other resources to the islands. While the Spaniards went on with their daily activities, Columbus explored lands far beyond the headquarters, landing on present-day Panama. There, the natives besieged the Spaniards. Out of food, Columbus used astrology to convince the natives to give them food. As a result he sailed back to his quarters by way of Cuba. Back in Spain, he retired in anonymity, and with very little to show for his services.

9. Columbus did not trade in slaves. He was only a foreign captain at the service of Spain.

10. On the day he died, there were no usual banners posted in the squares or at the churches announcing Columbus’ death. Yet, because of him, you and I are enjoying the America of immigrants—Columbus having been its very first. Except, wherein you and I may be gratefully enjoying and enhancing our lives thanks to Columbus, for the rest of us, he should remain in obscurity. In their eyes, Columbus committed crimes perpetrated by others.

11. Relating to slavery, Columbus found natives practicing cannibalism, enslavement, and de-capitations by the tens of thousands. Enslavement may be practiced by private individuals or institutions, conducted by kings, presidents, ministers, tribal chiefs, and heads of households. When Columbus sailed, the slave trade was flourishing, whether he was for or against it.

12. As for Columbus’ sailing abilities, he crossed the ocean eight times without making errors; at the same time, he taught the Spaniards how to sail beyond the Pillars of 

This is a little late because of my not having the time to check my mail...but still wanted to share Adolfo's contribution for Columbus Day!

Thank you, Adolfo!

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