Sunday, February 1, 2015

What's New at Book Readers Heaven... and more...

By Now, visitors to Book Readers Heaven have noticed the new format, which is called "Magazine..." I had tried other formats before, but I missed the right column for spotlighting info... Since then, the formats have been updated and, in looking through some material, I noticed what Blogger pointed out in the advantage of switching... Boy what a difference!

BTW, if you didn't notice it, readers can change the format to their own preference by pictures, or various other versions! Cool, right?!

Well, we've had the new format for one month now...and here's the resulting change:  Page Hits for Book Readers Heaven reached 27,335 for January!

The Reason: with the former timeline type of flow, readers would scroll down to read various reviews. With the new format, it is a click process which allows each page hit to be counted. Now I have better statistics on which individual reviews were read... This is probably a more important statistic for the writers of the books, but it does allow me to verify which genre or type of book is read. For instance, the children's books, the cat mystery books usually get a good audience, while nonfiction depends upon the subject covered... To me it helps me decide which books to accept for reviews.

I might mention that I discovered that the number of page hits for authors is greatly influenced by how effectively the author uses reviews to promote their books! A good thing to know if you're an author, looking to increase sales...

In the past, as I've mentioned before, it's always been first-come, first-served. The volume of requests became overwhelming. So I had to look at my own time constraints, given the books I was getting. The fact is that I'm getting longer books and series book requests much more frequently. Of course, I've been putting a priority on accepting only paperback books in order to pull in past e-books I've been given. There is no faster way for me to read a book, however, than with a paperback. I am able to mark books more easily and I can type faster than having to hunt through lists of notes in ebook format to find what I want in order to copy/paste excerpts. I'll continue not to accept pdf files because of the need to read them sitting at a computer. I've tried loading them onto Kindle; however, I've had problems not being able to change print size to be large enough to actually read.

Sooooo anyway, wanted to say thanks to visitors to both my blogs from across the world...

United States

New Zealand


United Kingdom

I've tried to correlate books/country relationships to see if visitors come for specific books, but not all individual country visits are listed due to number or format for the reports... Rather it seems there's a fairly stable following from most of the countries listed for the month above...

I will continue with the present prioritization based upon size of book, format, and/or guest posts to provide a consistent posting schedule. Any special issues should be sent to me by email. or comments to this article...

It's snowing here and we're due more tonight! So be careful driving...and keep warm!

Special thoughts go out to Author Oliver Wright who lost his loving wife this week... She had been involved with his book production activity so my knowledge of her is limited only from reading loving thoughts in his front material on Lavinia and his other books, but I know she will be greatly missed by him and the family... Author shared his request for prayers with me on Facebook... If you know him, you might want to give your condolences there on his Timeline...

'Til next time, my reading stack is high, so keep watching... Latest from Lauren Carr is coming next...


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