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Let's Visit the Children in Kenya! Of Course, Introduced by Carole P. Roman...

I found myself in the same situation which I had recently, with books featuring Peru, only this time with Africa... Yesterday we were in Nigeria and next the Sudan... So I thought I should spend some time learning about the culture of the region... specifically, Kenya! Of course, Carole P. Roman has provided that opportunity through her Introduction to Culture Around the World.

If You Were Me and Lived in...Kenya
A Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World

By Carole P. Roman

If you were me and lived in
Kenya, your home would be
in the central southeastern
part of the continent of Africa.
By now you probably Realize that I enjoy this series...for myself! There is no better way to travel to countries at my age than to be able to visit as a child, and with the children! So, if you have a secret wish to travel as well, you'll learn a lot and have fun as well! No matter what age you are! For instance, I didn't know that Kenya was right on the equator.... 

Now I've had the opportunity to cross the equator just once, when I traveled to South America. All I can say is that when I crossed the equator, my whole body was affected, seemingly reacting to anything and everything...  But I imagine that living on the equator is like every place else...you just get used to
your climate!

 You might live near the capital and largest city, Nairobi. Its name is a Maasai word meaning "cold water." The Maasai are and ethnic African group well known for their colorful dress and customs.

If you visit Kenya, you will be able to make friends with boys--their names could be
 Kiano, Jaramogi,
or Gacoki

If you are a girl, you might be called

 Akeyo, Kioni, or Dalia.

Anybody who thinks of Africa, automatically think of its animals... So, if you were to visit, somebody is bound to insist that you go to the Maasai Mara National Reserve... It is a large game reserve where you can safely see animals like elephants, leopards, lions and rhinoceroses. It is under a wide open sky in a sprawling savanna. You might stay at Keekorok, a wilderness lodge located right on the reserve...

Would you believe that, unlike America, most of the childrens' toys are homemade! I think that's wonderful! Take a look at these! How I wish that more children were given the opportunity to create and learn through this experience...instead of just handing over package after package...

There is so much more to enjoy in Roman's book...learning about the food, money used and the Carnival and more! All is in full-color pictures with narrative. I pass these on to my great-niece who enjoys them "almost" as much as I do...

A personal note to BRH readers...I wanted this to be a fun post, because I know that there are many children in Africa who are in quite different life situations than those here...May all of the children in this country one day find this joy!


These children attend St. Lazarus School in the largest slum in Africa - Kibera located in Nairobi, Kenya. The first song is about how God is everywhere and the second is a timeless favorite "Jesus Loves Me." Their voices will warm your heart for Jesus Christ! I took this video during a short-term mission trip with my church New City Fellowship - June 4-22, 2009.

This is the Deaf choir from Humble Hearts School for the Deaf in Kenya performing "Oh Happy Day". The children singing the song are Hearing and the children signing the song are Deaf. The sign language they are using is Kenyan Sign Language ASL.

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