Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Come! Let's Join T-Bone's Traveling Circus -- A Bully-Free Fun Place to Be!

Defeat Bullying with Friendship, Love, and Laughter

Have you ever felt the sting of an unkind word
that hurt much more than an abusive slap?
Words stay with you longer when heard
They stay in your head, crushing your back
This song always comforted, more than any learned
When no friend is near, Jesus can get you back on track!

But there's also many friends who are, perhaps, in the same boat. 
Some of us just don't fit the mold...
I heard the word "fatty" most of my life...
I remember vividly when an uncle called me by that name
I didn't answer...
My mother chastised, saying he was talking to me.
I quickly responded, that's not my name...
Many years have gone by, but bullies are any age...
One time in my life, I sang this song every night
Until I fell asleep...
I knew that I was His child and He loved me...
But we need to be reminded so very often, don't we?
That's why I want to share this wonderful little book with all of you!

T-Bone's Traveling Circus

By Janice Virant
Illustrated by Carla Castagno

Growing up,
Rita Bonita had a tough time,
The other horses her age
were not very kind.
They teased that her ears were as big as her head
And neighed, "Rita's not a horse, but a Donkey instead!"

Now the book doesn't say why Rita Bonita was teased. I thought maybe she was a miniature horse, but the reason really doesn't matter, does it? When one or more bullies start picking on somebody, it hurts, no matter the perceived reason! Rita Bonita was sad and cried a lot! Janice Virant, the author, indicated that her two adopted horses give her unconditional love   and inspired this story. As a known cat woman, I know that all cats have different personalities too and not all animals demonstrate that type of love. It is a special love when you receive it unconditionally...

Rita Bonita was out wandering by herself one day and saw something heading toward her--something strange! Do you know what it was? A turtle, moving very slowly, of course, but instead of a shell on his back, he had something that looked like a house!

As it got closer, Rita Bonita saw that it was a tent on his back! 
Wanting to get closer,
Rita started to sprint
"T-Bone's Traveling Circus!"
She saw in glittering print!

And she saw a picture of a Flying Horse! Now that just happens to be T-Bone, the Flying Horse, who the series is named after! You should check it out since that's how the circus started! This Traveling Circus is the second in the series!

Now as soon as Rita Bonita was close enough, she heard a very loud Hello!
"Helllllllooooooo There!"
She heard, and stared in awe at a wrinkled face.
There was a huge tortoise with no shell--
The wagon in its place!

The tortoise's name was Tiny and before Rita Bonita knew it, she had been asked to stay awhile with the circus...and all the other members of the circus came out to greet and welcome Rita!

Rita was soooo happy as she was told all about the circus and how T-Bone had made everybody feel loved so much that they never felt alone!

You know, I think I'd fit right in with this circus! Would you? No matter whether you've been bullied, or maybe if you've bullied others at time because you weren't feeling good, then I am sure you'll want to meet the other members of the circus--there's about 10 there now that I'm sure you'll soon be friends with! 

This little book is small enough to be held by the tiniest of hands and its fantastic shiny cover with full-color pages will attract a child of any age, including me! They can either read the story, or you can enjoy pointing out all the different animals and telling them all about how they became such good friends!

It has such a wonderful story to tell--especially for those special children who may thing nobody loves them and have been bullied for some silly reason! Remember, too, that some children, like me, may have never shared at that age, how badly those cruel words hurt... So, I recommend that you consider this beautifully created book for all the children in your life!

Bravo to Janice Virant... Your loving salutation in my book, "Celebrate Love and Friendship" shows exactly where your heart is by developing this series! Thank you...


Janice Virant lives in Littleton, Colorado. She grew up on a farm in Chesterfield, Missouri. She writes fun, rhyming children's stories about the importance of Love, Friendship, and Acceptance. Preschoolers thru early readers, adults too, will enjoy the colorful imagery and playful rhyme. It has been a dream of hers to share her stories with children everywhere! They are available online at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Outskirtspress.com, and more...THANK YOU for making it possible for her to donate books to schools and organizations that support children in need! Email for more information: janicevirant@hotmail.com.
Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/janicevirantchildrensauthor

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