Friday, June 20, 2014

Wingless Flight by Adolfo Caso; Response by Moi...A Bit of Poetry to Brighten Your Day...

Wingless Flight

By Adolph Adolfo Caso

If you had wings
I could not teach you
How to fly,
Or teach you how to love-
Even if one is in love
And the other is not.
Birds soaring into the sky
On wings spread wide
Never reach heaven
No matter how hard they try.

Even eagles, soaring above,
Can only fly
Within the boundaries
Of a horizon
That is both fixed
And pre-determined.
When two people fall in love,
Comes down to them,
And teaching them how to love
Continues to become
Useless and unnecessary,
Cannot be taught
As a subject

Wingless flights--
Not possible to birds,
Always abound
Within two people
Who are really in love--
With one another!

My heart is like this stone-cold eagle
Trying to fly, but held to the earth
In flight, yet not finding the love that moves
A Heart frozen and bound...

Love Swans glide by expressingg
that for which they were destined
But was I destined to be alone...
Never feeling that love about which songs are sun?

I had always sang...

"When I fall in love it will be forever..."
Was it you or I that didn't want
that togetherness for eternity?

Or did I just move on ahead
"And Never fell in love at all..."
Still I find myself looking toward heaven
Finally realizing I'm looking in the wrong direction...

Forgive me Adolfo, I had to get a little fun out of all your loving...

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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