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Darcia Helle's Beyond Salvation - Another Outstanding Michael Sykora Novel!

"The cops won't believe us," Derek said, "She'd be just another runaway. They'll think exactly what you did. She went home. Or up and moved on to another place. Then they'll want our names and we'll have them on our ass while Sara's out there lost..."
Derek straightened his thin frame and briefly met Michael's eyes. He said, "Do you know The Ghost?"
Michael stiffened at the mention of his street name. He kept his expression carefully neutral and did what he always did when baffled. He repeated the words. "The Ghost?"
We've heard the rumors," Derek said. "What he did for Nicki. We know he's real. And someone that good, he'd be able to find Sara..."
"Missing?" Michael looked straight at the boys. "Like disappeared? Or maybe got tired of the streets and went back home?"
Derek and Jay glanced at each other in more silent communication. "She has no home to go back to," Jay said. Derek mustered all one hundred-thirty pounds into an angry shield. He said, "And living on the streets doesn't mean it's normal to disappear. People don't just disappear...

Beyond Salvation:
A Michael Sykora Novel
By Darcia Helle

Michael Smirked. "You two
would make great poster boys
for the diversity in career choices
with a business degree..."
"Business Slow?" Michael asked.
"Only because I've developed this
uncontrollable and most irritating
habit of turning down work...
Michael laughed. "Blame your
conscience, not me..."

Why do I always pick older guys
for characters? Well, they're my 
heroes earlier in life!
I love Michael Sykora and this series! Only wish I could keep up with all of them 'cause I'd hate to see it end! Want to know more about this character--check out his Character Introduction! I picture him as a Clint Eastwood type or how about Pierce Brosnan

"I do know."
"Because those kids told you. What about the proof you always require?"
"I saw Derek's scars," Michael said.
"He'd been whipped. And branded."
"The number 666."

Actually, there are four main characters working on this case including Michael...Cool group!
And Jackson could easily play any of the 3 male leads!

Michael and Sean carried the girls to Nicki's car.
One of them stirred. Her eyes flickered but she
couldn't fight the drug long enough to awaken.
Michael didn't introduce Nicki to Sean. He hadn't
even wanted the two of them to meet. However,
given the circumstances, he had been left with
little alternative...
Michael said, "Drive carefully. Don't give the
cops a reason to stop you."
"Sharon's place is less than a block from here,"
Nicki said... "How do  I explain where I
found them?"
"Say you found them in a park or something,
Michael said. "You wanted to bring them
somewhere safe..."

Avery had a very large congregation

with considerable financial tithing...
And when a child presented some type
of problem for his rich church members,
he had several ways by which he would
help them...

Sara's friends had asked for help and they
soon found that she had very likely been 
taken from the streets, like many others.

You know, sometimes I think I could take up the role of Michael Sykora and some other brilliantly created book characters... Some people deserve to die--because of what they do and the hurt they create.. Don't you think?

This book has one, and more, of those characters you love to hate... 

One is a psychologist handling a program for teens
One if a leader of a church congregation...
One is the preacher's son...
'Nuf Said!

When criminals enter the religious arena as the base for criminal actions, it is even more heinous, and the Divinity Church had individuals involved in kidnapping runaways, blackmail, sex and drug trafficking, in addition to the "tiny" sin of murder...
Even the very unreverend Robert Ward Avery didn't know the extent of what they were into! 
"Women should be silent in the churches, for they are not
permitted to speak, but should be submissive, as the law
also says."
Robert Ward Avery recited the quote as if he'd spoken it
a thousand times before. That, of course, was because he
had. His voice was deceptively quiet and calm...n the Lord's
house should not be tolerated. However, she did nod in
acknowledgment. No spoken words. Smart girl, she was
paying attention to my word.
"Do you remember the verse from Deuteronomy?"
Avery asked, "The punishment for not being chaste?"
"But if, evidence of virginity are not found for the
young woman, then they shall bring out the young woman
to the door of her father's house, and the men of her city
shall stone her to death with stones..."
Actually, Sara's father was a member of the Divinity Church and was in contact with Avery and knew they were supposedly trying to help her!

Fortunately, Sara had two street friends and Michael had accepted what they had told them, got further information from a friend of Nicki's who was still working the streets, and they moved quickly to try to find her...

I must admit that the complexity and twists just among the criminals--those that were members of the church but involved in activities not known by the pastor really set up this book for an unbelievable and extremely provocative thriller... Readers will not know the extent of what was happening until nearly the end of the book. All I can say is that if I needed similar help as Sara, then I'd be looking for Michael Sykora myself! You just gotta love him! Don't miss this and the other books in this series!


Darcia Helle lives in a fictional world with a husband who is sometimes real. Their house is ruled by spoiled dogs and cats and the occasional dust bunny.
Suspense, random blood spatter and mismatched socks consume Darcia's days. She writes because the characters trespassing through her mind leave her no alternative. Only then are the voices free to haunt someone else's mind.
Join Darcia in her fictional world:
The characters await you.

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