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Do You Believe? Loriel Has Many Adventures to Share with Children of All Ages! Enjoy This One!

Hello! I'm  Gabriele, a Wood Nymph... in the words surrounding 
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When I decided to read this story for my fairy friends' children, I decided to use images that would be easy for children to easily come to recognize.  But when I started thinking about my review for Book Readers Heaven, who we all know has friends of all ages from all over the world, I asked if I could share some different pictures of my wood and water friends...and a few enemies that are part of the adventures! 

I hope you enjoy yourself while visiting and let your children know about us!
We'd love to have them as friends too!

The Adventures of Loriel
  The Wood Fairy
By C. J. Walery

In the picture above, the young girl on the right is me! It's been around 500 years since I first came and decided to stay.  I met GrandFairy one time when she had her two granddaughters visiting. GrandFairy is the one in the middle about to drink! She's the oldest fairy living at this time. Her son is the King of Fairies and his daughter is Loriel a wood fairy. My other granddaughter is Lilly, a river fairy...We're visiting  Lilly, since we came with her when she left for home. Of course, when I heard about the adventures they had, I just had to hear about them!

"Well, we thought no one would ever
come?" a small voice said, and
Padra, the house mouse, bounded
up to her, pointed peered into
Loriel's face with his beady little
eyes. They were very nearly the
same size, but Padra was must
bigger around.
"Meanwhile, Anya was  happily
dive-bombing the top of her head.
Loriel was so relieved to see them
she couldn't keep the tears from
her eyes...
"Where is Grandfairy Cyce...?"

Of course, everybody was talking about how Loriel was a heroine, while she passes on the credit to Padra...... but I was quick to point out that it was Loriel who had first been concerned about not having seen the Grandfairy and had set out on a long journey for one so young. Her birthday had just occurred. At the age of 202, she was just an infant and had not even been trained yet like the older powerful fairies..

Before Long, she smelled the spicy scent of nasturtiums and knew she had found a safe spot. About the only natural enemy a nasturtium had was a black aphid, and they were too small to give Loriel much trouble.
Grandfairy Cyce came every spring to take Loriel back to spend the entire season with her, Padra and Anya, her pet hummingbird. But she had not come yet. There was no other choice, Loriel would travel alone back to the Woods but as the day went by, she knew she could not make it there that night! She was no longer afraid since she could hide within the flowers...And she even drank water from the leaves and ate the flower itself for breakfast! She was glad she had learned and remembered earlier lessons about the woods!

Soon she saw signs that helped her until she heard Padra! But Grandfairy Cice still didn't come to greet her...

Padra explained and even took me to where she was and allowed me to get a quick look at the one who held her captia mean goblin! He described what happened and even how she looked so frightened when he grabbed her! Loriel didn't care how frightened she was, though. They had to figure out how to get Grandfairy out!
Grandfairy Cyce had taught Loriel many fundamental spells and magical incantations, but best of all, she had taught her to communicate with her telepathically over short distances... 
"Loriel," Grandfairy thought, "where are you."

Unfortunately Grandfairy could not help Loriel in suggesting any way to help her, but at least it helped to have talked a little...

And, of course, it is now time to stop so that you'll keep wondering how they are going to rescue Grandfairy from this scary goblin!

And guess what? Even after  they succeed with that, there are more adventures to come! With only one hint for me to share... I don't mind telling you that I'd liked to hear more about the adventures Loriel has.  After all, one day she'll be queen and she will have gone through many experiences by that time!

The book is just 60 pages but packs great adventures within those pages... I enjoyed it very much and do hope this might be just the first in a series... It is very well written and suitable for reading to young children and still be of interest to some teens...and older individuals such as myself who enjoy fairy tales!

Highly recommended! Oh, and enjoy your evening with the sounds of our night fairies...


Fairy –
Fairy – "Take the Fair Face of Woman",
 by Sophie Gengembre Anderson.
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia
I have always been a reader and I loved reading to m,y children as well as my grandchildren. I hope that comes through in my writing. Opening children's eyes to the world of books is awesome. Seeing their eyes light up to an exciting passage is so special. Computers are wonderful but holding a book and relying on your own imagination is special and individual to each one of us.

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