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Shady Deals by Cindy McDonald Ends One Romance...With Another Looming! Hot Drama Series!

"Take off your clothes," Dr. Holden Reese closed the door to his veterinarian office at Keystone Downs Thoroughbred Racetrack. His hot gaze slid over Kate West's slender curves. He dropped th3e deadbolt into the locked position.
A shiver skittering down her spine, Kate turned to him...While her full lips parted, her eyebrows rose, "Ever heard of sexual harassment, Dr. Reese?" Unbuckling his belt, he stroke toward her. He took the vet box from her hand to set it on a nearby shelving unit and then puched her against the block wall.
Holden was a six foot two solidly muscled male. His deep brown eyes burned into her baby blues.
Caging her between his arms, Holden reached behind her head to pull out her hair band to let it spill like a golden waterfall about her shoulders. Fisting his fingers through the locks, he tilted her head back to hold her in place, "Oh, I've heard of it, Miss West, and I have every intention of taking you on my desk." He nipped at her earlobe before making his way slowly down her neck. "Do you want to scream?"
"Do you want me to scream, Dr. Reese?"...
"You were stripping..." He stepped back to take in the show about to start.
Biting her lip, Kate planted her hands on her hips.
His gaze never wavered while he unbuttoned his jeans. Urging her, he said, "The desk is waiting, my pretty little assistant."
"And if I refuse? Will you fire me?"

Shady Deals:
The Unbridled Series
By Cindy McDonald

Closing out our week with Cindy McDonald culminates in fast-paced drama that series fans knew was coming--we just didn't know what exactly would happen... Kate West has accepted Holden Reese's proposal of marriage but in the meantime, she has been getting upset.  When Dr. Reese had advertised for an assistant, Kate had decided to stay with Dr. Spears. But then Reese hired Ava West! You remember her, don't you? Mike West's Ex... Ava had earlier worked for Dr. Spears as well and was qualified, so she applied for the job...

But just getting the job was not enough for Ava--she made sure that she would keep it! Until it got so bad that even Dr. Spears was willing to give up Kate and take Ava back...all that happens behind those few sentences will be of great interest to readers!
By the way, did you tell them       
 that we're engaged?"
Kate bit her lip. "No, not yet,
"What are you waiting for?
..."I just waiting for the right
time. Everyone seems so edgy
with all this crap going on at
the track..."

Finally, Kate admitted she couldn't handled it and made the exchange to work with her fiancee...which now allowed for some fringe benefits on the job which she was thoroughly enjoying!

Now, though since she was working closely with him, she began to notice things. Ava and Dr. Spears had already been watching--Ava would use anything she learned to further manipulate the good doctor. But Dr. Spears had contacted officials as a result of his investigation, and it had become a formal action...but undercover...

Dave was new to horse training. He had been selected as the agent to be undercover due to his size, but he'd had to go into intensive training as a jockey...

He and Shane had hit it off, especially when Dave had asked him about where he could go for fun. Shane ask if he played pool... Dave responded he liked pretty girls... Shane had a new friend!

Chip Walker thumbed the End button on his cell phone
hard. Doc Reese hadn't answered his calls or his texts in three
days. Reese was getting too independent. He wasn't
respecting his authority. Reese could blow his whole operation
to smithereens. The operation had been compromised six
months ago, but he had managed to dodge that bullet. He
couldn't afford another mishap. Reese needed to conform.
Reese needed to fall in line. Immediately...
Dan Quaide was a burly Thoroughbred trainer with a loud mouth and an aggressive training program. He was usually on the top ten winning trainers list at Keystone Downs, yet he placed the bay gelding known as Shady Deal in a claiming race. Depending on their level, most horses are placed in claiming races that are worth anywhere from five thousand to thirty thousand dollars. Anyone can buy any horse that is entered in such races at the claiming price listed in the program

Mike West had claimed him... but those at the track were not happy...

"I'm a good businessman. You put him in a claiming race. I claimed him. He just won me a lot of money--after Mike and Punch spent six weeks drying him out.

Shady Dean didn't deserve what happened to him. Especially since he was just "a warning" but most individuals would have preferred they came after them rather than destroy the beautiful horse.

But no matter what, things were coming to a head and at least two of the Wests had become close enough to the guilty parties to be in danger! Shane because of his friendship with the undercover agent... Kate, because she was in love...

McDonald certainly has given her readers much insight into the underbelly of horse racing. It is not a pretty picture for those who choose to turn to criminal activities to make money! Can anybody be bought? Not necessarily... But blackmail can also have the same result. Personally, I was quite happy to have the drug gang on the run!

Ok, I'll admit why...LOL...I'm waiting for Kate to take Ava's cowboy away from her! Don't disappoint, Cindy McDonald...I've picked up all your clues and I'm waiting for the "real" romance to "flower..."  Write fast! Readers...don't miss a single book in this series... Once you start, you'll be addicted!


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