Friday, August 23, 2013

A Pius Man by Declan Finn Fantastic Thriller Also Clarifies History! One of Top 5 Favorites for 2013!

"Goldberg nodded. "Ah, sorry, it didn't process for a moment. Then again, there's been so much fuss made in the U.S. over 'Pius XIII'...ever since he took the name, lord..." She closed her eyes and thought for a moment. "The news coverage...depending on who you believe, the last pope to take the name either did nothing about the Holocaust, said nothing about the Holocaust, or was actively responsible for the Holocaust...
"...All of the historians were just as enraged that, not only had Joshua Kutjok picked the name Pius, but the Sudanese Archbishop had given two reasons for picking the name: "Like my predecessor, I, too, have a mission to save lives from a mechanism of death, which seeks to 'purify' a country through murder. Like Pope Pius XII, I will put all of my energies toward ending the murder and slavery in Sudan--North and South--as he did to save the Jews of Europe during the dark years of the Nazi infestation. To commemorate this mission, I will start the proceedings to canonize Pope Pius Xii..."
"Like some of his predecessors, Pius XIII was on a mission from God..."

A Pius Man:
 A Holy Thriller
By Declan Finn

If I hadn't already read this book, I'd think it was a story with a group of super-heroes! Don't think I've seen another book other than comics that had such great and talented characters all working for good! When I saw "a holy thriller" I thought of the old Fr.Dowling mysteries, which both I and the author faithfully enjoyed. But Finn's thriller is not just two main characters solving the crime! The Pope's desire to not only take the name Pius XIII, but to canonize Pius XII, had become a major issue and everybody's interested... Interpol, Mossad, the BND (German Foreign Intelligence), the U.S., Egypt, and many more are all involved in this novel which, for me, must be placed in my top 5 favorites for 2013...

Many years ago, once in awhile, I would read small brochures from a preacher in our family about the atrocities in the Catholic Church. We were told to never date a catholic boy, of course...  Sometime later, probably through something I read, I learned that during Hitler's reign, the Pope forbid getting involved to save the Jewish people... which was unbelievable for me...

I applaud the author for helping ensure that this disinformation is corrected.. In his foreword, his author's notes at the end and via supplemental references on his blog.. Finn takes us into the Vatican where this is all taking place. The Pope has already assumed his duties and readers are met by Giovanni Figlia, head of security...
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