Friday, August 30, 2013

W H E R E ' S................................LUNA!

 Written by Tim Myers

Illustrated by Mike Reed
 I don't mind telling you that this book was waaaaay fun! If you have a library at your home and add children's books for when visitors come, this beautiful coffee-table size hardback book is one you should consider!

The beauty of the art work is well above the normal standard you would expect in a child's book. What it does is give parents and children the opportunity to explore and be outside, while cozily reading in a big chair or couch...or even on the floor.

This book is about Cats, in case you haven't figured that out from the cover and some other clues. The story is about a father and daughter walking through the neighborhood, looking for their own cat Luna...
"We turn a corner and then spot two:
one white with eyes of china blue,
one gold and tan, a tawny fighter
who stalks the white, pretends to bite her
They tumble together, bunched on the lawn--
then suddenly stop, roll over, and yawn.

"I love watching cats, it's totally true==
but I shake my head: It isn't these two.

As you can see, the words are poetically written, with rhyming words
that your child will enjoy listening to and soon memorize a line or two
I shouldn't tell, but you can see the true Luna is somewhere else too!

Can you pick out my version of which cat is Luna here on this page?
Just compare each picture with the book cover and see
Which one I think Luna must be!
OK, so I'm not too great a poet, but I just want to let you know
How fun it is to get to show, even a squirrel is here for you!
So find the squirrel when you read this book...
I just know you'll soon be hooked!

And if I don't stop rhyming this way,
I'll probably keep doing it the rest of the day!
I think the key thing to review before you consider this book further is to take a look inside the book. It is a fairly expensive book; however, not for the quality. I've not been successful with viewing pictures on my kindle, so I'd also advise you to ask for a short download to check quality of art work if you go ebook version... If you do choose to acquire the book, be sure to help your child recognize that it is for your personal library and to share with others who come to aunts who love cats and would love to have somebody show her this book!

Now Luna is not my favorite type of cat, although she is beautiful
and certainly loves her family. So when you see all the different types of cats in the book, maybe another one will become your child's favorite...and that's all right too, because all cats love to be loved by children and parents too!
Don't be surprised to see other animals that are out in the world, like birds and there will be all kinds of grasses and flowers for children to enjoy...

But don't forget you're looking for Luna, right?

So you could also play a guessing game with your child and tell them to look at the cover and then look to see if the cats that
are seen along the way are Luna or not!

And if you still haven't found her, just carry her mouse squeaky toy with you, and I'll bet that will wake her up, wherever she is!

I'm passing this book on to my great-niece who also loves cats! Does your child love cats too? Then I highly recommend this for an addition to his or her personal library. And if you don't have a library, then use this book to start one! Help your children learn the fun in books when they are young!


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