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Frightfully Delightful Story Just Became Favorite From Heather Graham!

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"Ouch! Not kind at all," Ringo said. "And may I remind
you, I died because I was caught up in someone's grudge
against one of your ancestors."
"Ringo, I'm sorry, but that was more than a hundred
years ago, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it
now. I'm sure he appreciated your help."
"Probably. I was good back then. Damn good."
A woman walked by, frowning nervously as she stared
at him...


By Heather Graham

"I was glad to become a nightwalker," he said, "
because it meant there was another place, another
world after this one. That there was a supreme being
and the essence of a person lived on."
"My mom was a Catholic, so my spiritual ethic has
a lot of elements mixed into it. In my mind there's one
big power, and it doesn't matter how you recognize
it or what you call it. I think a person's time on earth
is best spent learning how to be decent to others. If
there is a heaven or a great white prairie in the sky, I
know my parents have earned their place there. And
that's something I find reassuring."
I was so happy to have this 2010 novel passed on by my niece, since I had missed it earlier. What a treat for this Halloween month! It's got a great investigation group (who sometimes act as ghostbusters) with Dillon Wolf as one of the primary Nightwalker, an old ghost town called Indigo, and plenty of ghosts--all set in Las Vegas!

And what I enjoyed most of all was the ghost character Ringo, who had become Dillon's sidekick and helped him solve his cases, and even lived with him! How cool is that?! Ringo had once partnered with Dillon's ancestor...and had been killed along with him and others in a gun battle at the Indigo saloon. Gold had been discovered and the owner of most of the property in Indigo had learned that John Varney had just purchased a plot of land and had told his wife he'd found the gold...

But all those that had participated in the shootout were killed that day... Only a few of the town occupants had lived to share the story...

In present day Nevada, Dillon Wolf had been hired through his company to investigate who was trying to kill Emil Langdon, the owner of a new casino. He already had two bodyguards, so Dillon had unwillingly accepted the job. His boss and, strangely, Ringo had wanted him to take it, but he didn't really believe that there was anybody out to kill Langdon, even though a gunshot had been fired near him one night.

And now as Dillon had begun his investigation, he had stopped to play at one of the tables. Jessy Sparhawk was there playing and he was struck by her beauty. He could tell she was very serious about every move she made. In fact, she was anxiously trying to win enough to keep her grandfather in his home, although nobody knew it. But Dillon, sensing her need, took on her cause and evoked the crowd into supporting her, each adding some to her pot, helping her to win a bundle...

But just as she was about to close out, a huge man came lumbering toward her and literally fell across her back, pinning her to the table. Dillon was fortunately still nearby and rushed to help her out from under him. Turning then to the man, they saw the knife still stuck into his back! Dillon saw something else--the man was one of the bodyguards of the man he was working for!

Tanner Green had been a dead man walking, but had time to whisper one word in Jessy's ear: Indigo...

And now Jessy was in danger, for the tape of his death was seen by many and soon Jessy was a target, as well as one of the men who parked cars for the casino and who had seen Green get out of a car that night! Dillon had talked to the worker and almost immediately after that he had been struck down by a car...

And now both dead men, were showing up wherever Jessy was! What did they want from her?!

Jessy had heard that Dillon's company also were known as she was finally willing to share that she could see the ghosts that were following her.

What she didn't expect was to have her grandfather start talking about his ancestors visiting him, foretelling him that "they" were all assembling... and to learn that her grandfather, and she, were direct descendants of those that had been in Indigo that day, over 100 years ago!

I'm sure you all have read Heather Graham before, as I have...but I have to say that this book went to the top as a favorite for this writer. I loved it! A truly awesome ghost story with a fascinating, intriguing closing that is brilliantly conceived and delightful to read! This is a perfect book for this scary time of the year! Highly recommended!


"Hey, it's all right, just a game," said a deep, smooth masculine voice.
She flashed him a smile...He lifted his glass to her and looked over at
the dealer as he tossed out two hundred-dollar chips. "Hard ten for me
and for the roller," he said...
"Jessy, just roll, sweetie," Coot called to her, then turned to the croupier
as he picked up two chips himself. "My money is on the little lady. Throw
this on the hard ten, one for me, one for her, please." His hundreds went
down. More chips were thrown down on the hard ten, plenty of them for
her, and she knew that she was blushing...

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  1.'s a fun read...everybody needs to smile often and this gets you using those muscles!