Sunday, October 16, 2011

Greetings Come From My Friend Adolfo! Sharing His Pics!

Good evening, Glenda:
Here are two pictures of this Autumn’s couple of moments captured and recorded for the future.
Were it not for these pictures, the two moments would not have been recorded, 
   and therefore not repeatable.
Isn’t it strange how when something goes by 
   it can never be re-captured in exactly the same way?

The tomatoes have become sauce;

the stones are no longer reflected in the water that has been drained away!

Isn't it strange how a poet can look at the routine and see so much more...and then be able to capture and share it!?

Thank you Adolfo!

Adolfo Caso, Friend,
Poet, Author, Photographer, Publisher
is a regular contributor to
Book Reader's Heaven...

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