Monday, October 10, 2011

Real-life Story & Photos Create Fantastic Gift for Children of Military Parents!

Military Mommy

By Carol Dabney

Has your life been affected by our armed forces personnel? Is your daughter or son serving in the military? Are your grandchildren "Army Brats"?

I am pleased to recommend Military Mommy to all those US families whose lives have been disrupted, perhaps, but also enriched by one or more members of their family serving in the armed forces! It's important for all of us to recognize the major contribution of all military personnel to the safety and security of our country...

When a son or daughter chooses to join the service, it is the parents who first struggle with that decision. The son or daughter is perhaps choosing an interim or long-term career. To the parents, it means, simply, separation--separation of that individual from their loving home, their loving embraces. So when Carol's daughter joined the Army, it was Grandma Carol who realized that she would not only be separated from her daughter Melissa, but also from her wonderful grandson, Noah!

Carol's father had been in the service, so she was very aware of how her life had been affected. She decided to do what she could to help the love of her life, Noah, adjust to his new life! So, she started by writing him a poem...then she added some real life photos, and after adding her presence and a whole lot of love, she put together this book in which Noah would be the star!

Now the key thing about this book is that, because Noah was the star character, it not only helped Noah begin to understand his mommy's new job, it helped him to see the exciting adventure that he would have as he traveled with her!

And by sharing his poem and all the pictures of his new life, this book, Military Mom is a wonderful way to share their life with other families, many with children who may not have traveled with their parent, but still have many questions and just want to know what their missing Mom or Dad are doing!

"In California she went for more leadership skills.
From coast to coast, she learned even more
The gals in the Army, they know how to play,
but when they're at work, "Get out of their way!"

Military Mommy moves from boot camp for Mommy on into ROTC, etc, while correlating Noah's life as he grew. This is much more a picture book than the norm...because the pictures are real--they follow Mommy and Noah's life within the military environment--visiting the Commissary, seeing the troops exercise, running around the barracks, and then on to their first duty station. These "real-life" pictures, capturing the life of our soldiers, in my opinion, will help to share that environment with those of us who wait back home. And to make it even more educational, a glossary supplements the poem and pictures so that children can learn the correct terms, such as commissary, while see Noah and others shopping.

The uniforms can sometimes be scary for children, but by seeing Noah and other children within the pictures, as well as them playing with their off-duty parent, will do much to much to dispel the unknown and make the separation  more understandable and less stressful for those back home.

Personally, I think this is a must-read for military families...a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for upcoming holidays! You can click on the title of this article to visit the book site... or find Carol on Facebook to see lots more pictures and info on not only this book, but Carol's CDs! Before you leave, check out this interview with Carol as well...

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  1. What a neat thing to do. This sounds like a wonderful resource for many.

  2. This sounds really great--a personal gift full of meaning for so many others!

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