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Spotlight A. R. Alan - Latest Novels Coming in November!

A. R. Alan
Author, Screenwriter, Poet

A. R. Alan is a born storyteller. Reading and writing novels are lifelong passions. Worldwide travel and a career that brought her into contact with interesting personalities and celebrities fanned her already fertile imagination over the years, and validate the vivid, often zany characters that people her novels.

Previously writing under the name of B.B. Carter and currently as A.R. Alan, she has had many poems and short stories published, including in Playgirl Magazine,  and ten novels published. She’s also sold comedic material to Joan Rivers.

Alan is also an avid environmentalist that played a major role in saving a New Jersey/New York mountain range from developers. It will remain open space forever. Screenplays available for: “The House Of Cupcakes, The CB (Chocolate Brown) Social Club, and Do I Flaunt My Fat, Or Jump Off A Bridge?"

Barbara would love to hear from her readers. You can contact her at Please check out her website:

From the author...
 "This story is about three seemingly normal women. Women you would see in the supermarket or library, or in a mall, yet all three of them have terrible secrets - secrets so shattering that they haven't shared them with their best friends. Mary was abused by her mother, Carla is a full blown nymphomaniac, and Emily is guilt ridden because her baby brother died because she made her mother buy a simple jar of peanut butter. But the women's pasts don't help them  make better choices as adults. Each marries badly and each winds up killing their husband.  It's terrible, and it's a crime, but the women are so sympathetic and lovable that everyone who has read Fireflies tells me that they root for the three women to get away with their crimes. This novel is a mystery filled with black humor. 

I think I would compare my novel to "Fly Away Home, by Jennifer Weiner because in both novels the story is told by three women. However, I think my novel is more riveting, more sexual, and has a greater mystery to it...(of course!)"Fireflies Two - Vat 9 is the second in the Fireflies series.

Here's a blurb that a sex therapist wrote for Fireflies. I contacted Erica when I needed to research Nymphomania.

As a psychotherapist I have worked with many couples dealing with issues of anger, betrayal, unrequited love, abandonment, abuse, and even sexual compulsions. In A. R. Alan’s novel Fireflies, I found the characters believable, delightful and sometimes scary.  I kept wondering, what led these three seemingly normal women to commit such horrific crimes and solidify their friendships in the process? That intriguing question along with the natural, flowing dialogue kept me reading to discover the answers. I temporarily abandoned my professional journals to finish this compelling story.

Erica Goodstone, Ph.D., LMHC, LPC, LMFT

Here's another blurb from Carron Strock.

We all have our secrets. But what will drive three women, women many of us can identify with, to commit murder? And what would make us side with them when they do? With sensitivity, compassion, and understanding, and a bit of humor too, A. R. Alan’s novel “Fireflies” brings us into their worlds. The plights of these women will stay with you long after you’ve read it.    
Carren Strock, author of “Married Women Who Love Women” 
and “Married Women Who Love Women, Second Edition.” 

Reviews coming tomorrow and next day!
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  1. Interesting. I remember enjoying Fly away home. And that cover is gorgeous.

  2. Sheila is that by the same author? I just met her recently on Facebook, so have read just the three I've reviewed...