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A. R. Alan Provides Humorous Life Situations for Women (and Men)!

She had overheard Maloney call her
"a fat sausage" when he heard about her
promotion. Now, he was snapping the
photos for her first modeling gig...
hating every minute of it!

Do I Flaunt My Fat,

or Jump Off a Bridge?

By A. R. Alan

There are not too many people these days that are not watching their weight, to a lesser or greater degree. So, if you have found yourself in that situation and have to struggle, then this is the book for you! Really, anybody who enjoys laughing at great humor will find satisfaction reading this novel by A. R. Alan... Highly recommended!

I was once a guest on a cruise provided by a company that went out of business when the owner died. But during the times I had met many of the employees, I did notice something--many, and even most of them, were overweight. I discovered that the company president knew what I did also--overweight people are, generally, very good employees! So I wasn't surprised Mr, Diddles, head of the Diddles, Diddles and Maloney Modeling Agency had noticed Sabina's work ethic as bookkeeper.

Do I Flaunt My Fat, or Jump Off a Bridge?While he awarded her with a raise, a new office and new furniture--was that enough for her to have to take on the problem that both Diddles Junior and Maloney were padding their expense accounts? Diddles Senior wanted to retire soon, but he knew that would not be possible unless he had somebody to take on management of his shares of the company. Sabina Sunday had the background and had proven her it was up to her to see if she could deal with the financial management issues...

Sabina could handled those responsibilities alright, but having overheard Maloney call her a fat sausage had not only hurt her, it had made her mad--mad enough to finally take control of her own life. And the biggest obstacle was her mother... her provider of delicious fattening food...

Sabina, whose original name was Shirley, lived with her mother in a rent-controlled apartment. When she decided to start losing weight, bringing home Jenny Craig supplies, her mother immediately reacted...
"Mama laughed. "We'll see. I'll bet you anything that you won't be able to keep your hands off my apple strudel tonight, or the potato kugel that's baking in the oven. I wanted to cry. I wanted to shout out the insult I was given in the office..."
At the same time both Junior and Maloney were also fuming and yelling about the new approval procedures for gaining authorization for the many social expenses that went along with modeling interviews. But both of the partners had also been using the expense account to wine and dine potential lovers...and everybody knew it...

Sabina realized that she needed help. She joined Weight Watchers. There she met Thomas who admitted to her that he had also joined Overeaters Anonymous...his father was chef of a fabulous Italian restaurant and Thomas' weight was the result of never-ending leftovers... Thomas was a psychiatrist.

Sabina and Thomas agreed to help provide support to each other and soon became friends. Things were going along well for the most part, until one of Thomas' patients was stabbed...
.."That's what I saw on the news before I came to play cards. The reporter said the woman was a midget... "A Chinese midget? Are you saying that a Chines midget woman was stabbed thirty-seven times? ..."Lee was a nymphomaniac. She had lots of boyfriends. Thomas shook his head. "I shouldn't have said that..."
Everybody got involved in trying to find clues, including Sabina's mother and her friends! So, between Sabina's new job, attending weight loss support meetings and trying to keep her mother and friends out of trouble, Sabina was somewhat overwhelmed when Junior came to her one day, in a panic because he had not done his job, and needed Sabina to fill in as a plus-sized model... She was immediately a success--but what did that mean related to her efforts to continue to lose weight?

Plan to cry a little, empathize, sympathize...but most of all laugh with Sabina as she faced a struggle common to many women and men... I loved this one!

I have read two other novels by A. R. Alan, due out soon! If you haven't earlier met her, click on the title of this article and head over to her Facebook page and click "Like." I can guarantee you are going to hear more from her before the end of the year, including Kisses to Die For and Fireflies, two uniquely different novels that surely must be considered for your TBR list!

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  1. This sounds like a good book people can easily relate to. I wondered what made the mother tick. It sounds as though she was trying to keep her daughter from losing weight. I imagine there's more about that in the book.

  2. Gail, since I can relate (LOL), I think many mothers have used their cooking to show their love for their children. My Mom cooked whatever we kids wanted--chicken and noodles and other pastas being our favorites... I didn't learn to eat vegetables and salads until I personally started to think about weight issues... I think This Mom was also afraid of being alone if her daughter for instance got married because she lost weight...but she did unhappily adjust...LOL