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Heartwarming Inspirational Story Leaves You Smiling...

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"Looking back on the situation she told herself
 she'd been an idiot to think she and Jay would
marry,  buy a home in Cedar Forks,
and attend church together.
Now here she was in Destin, Florida,
where she knew no one, except Bill
 of course, and she'd just met him this morning."

Love Turns The Tide

By Gail Pallotta

Suspense coupled with lots of romance will entice new fans for Gail Pallotta in her new inspirational novel, Love Turns the Tide. The beautiful cover is only a hint of the many romantic walks and beautiful shore living that Cammie O'Shea found surrounding her new home. Still, when she was transferred to Destin, Florida, she was not sure she wanted to leave her family and friends. The only reason she had for leaving was Jay, her ex,  who had, unbelievably, been arrested for assaulting a woman:

Bill Collins was trying to get a small local newspaper off the ground. The Sun Dial was so new that Bill was the only one there so he had called for help from the Dexter Group and been "loaned" Cammie--who really had no choice in the matter. And now her very first major assignment was starting off badly. Not only did Vic Deleona cancel out on meeting with her, but he did so rudely and was clearly, in Cammie's opinion, not interested in granting her an interview...

Vic Deleona was a major real estate developer and was presently working on his new high-rise project called Pelican Point. He was a very important member of the business community and if he liked Cammie's story, he might begin advertising in the newspaper. So when Cammie returned to the office, Bill immediately asked how things went...responding worriedly when she shared he had cancelled.

"In a strained voice Bill said, 'I hope he gives you another time slot. Vic's so successful he doesn't need our help. We need him. If he likes the article you write and advertises with us, every developer from Fort Walton Beach to San Destin probably will..."

As Cammie waits for her interview, she creates a new series about the largest fish catch to occur by local fisherman, immediately gaining interest and ad income...she could do this if only given a chance!

But when the apartment of a new friend was broken into, and then her own was also, Cammie once again began to wonder about staying there. She had finally completed the article on Deleona and had even begun having dinner and long walks with him...but was it enough to keep her from going back home?

Love Turns The Tide has a good solid story line that allows readers to immediately empathize with the main character. We could be walking in her shoes--angry and upset over a broken relationship with a tarnished hero, forced to change jobs, move to a new location, leaving family and friends behind, and trying to once again gain the professional respect that can only be earned not demanded. Cammie is quick to share her concerns in prayers and to seek out scriptural references to guide her, sharing where she goes to find her inspiration to meet each day and move toward an unknown future. There is warmth and love surrounding Cammie and I quickly decided I wanted everything to turn out perfectly for her...

Even in the suspense and concern of the breakins, readers will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome, which, when it occurred, allowed Cammie to make her most important decision for the future. Heartwarming and enjoyable reading from Gail Pallotta. The e-book is available from Awe-Struck Publishing! Don't Miss This one!

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"Softly, she spoke, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and
only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have
eternal life." (John 3: 16). It had been the first Bible verse she had
memorized. She hadn't thought of it in a long time, but she was glad she
remembered it now. She stood for a few minutes and watched the
seagulls soar over the crystal green tinted water, flying to the bright white
sand bar across the way to dive for fish, their course sure, their
destination fruitful. If God directed their paths surely he would guide her too.
For a reason she couldn't explain she felt close to Him now. It was as though
He was telling her everything was all right..."

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  1. A very nice review for a wonderful book and a terrific writer! Love the way the review is set up with the pics too. Awesome job, ladies!

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  3. What a wonderfully written review. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Gail--I found it! What a beautiful review site this is. My favorite colors.
    Your book Love Turns the Tide sounds wonderful, and the setting--Destin, Florida--couldn't be better--and the cover really shows off the Gulf. Congratulations on this release, and best wishes for lots of sales. Celia

  6. I love the photos that relate to your book. The story sounds wonderful!

  7. Hi Celia and Mildred,
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    Celia, I love the colors on the site too.

    Mildred, I loved it too when I saw the photos with the review.

  8. This was a great review. Your book sounds so intriguing. I love the idea of creating a love story with a bit of mystery. The review was well written. By the way, your book cover is fantastic. I love it.

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  12. Nice review. Sounds like a nice mix of romance and mystery.

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