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Allard Merges Paranormal with Romance and Produces Winner!

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"I shall never leave you ever," he whispers
in my ear. I promise him the same.
"I do not know how I have been so
fortunate to have this man in my life, but
here he is, before me, wanting me. I am
overcome with the joy of him..."
Her Dear and
 Loving Husband

By Meredith Allard

I, like many potential readers, saw the title of the book and thought it was going to be...another romance. Well, that is true. But, OMG, it is sooooo much more! Escape into the paranormal world created by Allard, where you will meet vampires, werewolves, witches--and even the reincarnated... Then throw in a good taste of destiny for added flavor! I thoroughly enjoyed this romp through the possibilities...There is considerable coverage on the Salem Witch Trials, so those who have an interest in that sad period in our history or in the Wiccan religion will find much to interest them.

Her Dear and Loving HusbandSarah Alexander had been having dreams, that became even more bothersome after she had moved to Salem. There were many reasons she had moved, but it was mainly because she had just been divorced. Salem held some interest because of a past relative who had supposedly been killed during the Witch Trials. She never knew the woman's name but hoped, having started to work within a university environment, that she could do some research. She was now the Humanities I liaison in the library at Salem State college.  She would start by walking around the community and visiting many of the small museums...

Jennifer had been the head librarian at the college and was her boss. She had also immediately taken Sarah under her wing, helping her to learn everything she needed for her new job. Soon, she even admitted that she practiced Wiccan, headed a group, and was a witch. Sarah readily accepted her beliefs, not thinking about it much, but later found that Salem had become a location where those involved in paranormal activities congregated.

Often Jennifer would offer Sarah a ride home, since she had not yet bought a car. It was while Jennifer was showing her around town that she saw the house...

"What is that house?" she asked. "It looks familiar."
"James Wentworth lives there."
"Do you know him?"
Jennifer's answer was stilted, as if she considered each word, weighed it, measured it, decided yes or no about it before she let it drop from her lips. "He teaches at the college. He--his family--has owned this house for generations. It's over three hundred years old, one of the oldest standing homes in Salem." Jennifer slowed the car so they could get a better look as she drove past. "Does it still look familiar?" she asked.
"Yes. Even that crooked oak tree in front seems right. I can picture the man I dream about standing in front there kissing me."
"What dreams?" Jennifer gripped the steering wheel more tightly and her eyes brightened..."

Sarah later returned there alone. She looked around and although there was a small light, it seemed that nobody was at home, so she dared to go on to the porch to explore more and then back to the grounds to that certain tree....

When she heard a sound, she immediately thought of leaving, but then he was there...

"He stared at her, his mouth open as if he were trying to speak though he stayed mute. She tried to make herself disappear behind the oak tree, not wishing to disturb anyone, afraid she had been trespassing. She decided she needed to say something to break the awkward silence.
"I'm sorry. I just wanted to look at the house."
She began to shiver, not from the nip of the autumn air, but from the feeling that she recognized him...
He touched his hand to her cheek, "Lizzie. My Lizzie," he said. "You've come home to me..."

Are there truly witches? We know many individuals died during the Salem Witch Trials that were not witches. Some were treated so badly that they died in prison, before they even faced the "trial." James Wentworth's wife died in prison. Her name was Elizabeth...

Whew! If you were one--a witch, a vampire, could you live in today's world as human? A local reporter was trying to prove that, indeed, that was happening right there in Salem. How far would you go to ensure you were able to be with the one that you love? There is much happening in this ebook...more than you might ever dream! This is more than historical fiction, but there is much that historical romance fans will enjoy reading. For lovers of the paranormal, this just might be a must-read for you. Allard has thrown much into her cauldron and stirred up a true winner!

...Sarah, "Who you are is not yourself. The secret to the puzzle is
there. The other psychic you saw was very good. Very good.
She could see that who you are is not yourself. Yes, I can see
that he will find you. He is here and he will find you...He will.
The one who is waiting for you. He has been waiting for you
for oh so very long. You will be afraid. He is not what he was.
You will find your way home again..."
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