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JCGardner Provides Family Saga Like No Other...

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Not even the cosmetics sold by
Jarconni International could cover
the sins of the family...
"Thanks be to God for the ability to tell a story, for we know all stories ain't pretty."--JCGardner

Sinful Liaisons

By JC Gardner

The Jarconni family, owner and operators of an international, multi-million dollar spa and cosmetic company, earns the spotlight in a complex intriguing drama--one that will pull you in quickly and keep you reading until the shocking ending. Readers keep hoping that love will win out, but what if that love is based upon sinful liaisons...then perhaps...
"The nurse stared at the doctor in disbelief. Nurse Hilton would not let the issue rest," Nurse Hilton persisted, "I was in the delivery room with you when..."
Dr. Tonak became infuriated. "You are fired! Pack your things and get the hell out of this hospital.
Lewis Jarconni was still head of  Jarconni, International, but he had hoped that his son, David would now be nearing the time to take over. Instead, David had never really even held a position there, refusing to work for the money he constantly wasted. On the other hand, Carol, Lewis' daughter, had been actively involved with the company and was now in charge of public relations and advertising and, as far as she was concerned, would one day head Jarconni.

In fact, knowing that David was the assumed heir to the company, she had begun her own private campaign, providing special "favors" to many influential people who could help her. And, if that didn't work, using a tape recorder allowed a little "pressure" to be placed on those individuals...

Sinful Liaisons
Perhaps Danielle had the necessary influence to have David consider his role with the company... Danielle was a top model who had been selected to represent Jarconni. While she worked for Carol, when she saw David in the elevator one day and received his immediate attention, she happily disagreed with Carol and allowed David to stay and  watch the shoot...

The love they shared grew, it was real and soon David could not think of being without her...

Neither of them were aware that Danielle's brother had a history with David, one that involved drugs and David's usual response to trouble--moving fast and getting out, even if others were hurt or killed. Carol's brother had tried to get her out of the relationship, without explaining their background, but Danielle saw what she wanted to see--a wonderful man who would someday owned Jarconni International.

But what actually forced David to finally go to work was blackmail. He either would work, or he would go to jail:
"Nicole stared at David and wondered where she went wrong. "I don't think your father is planning on bailing you out of this one. He plans on leaving you locked up. He is even thinking about allowing you to go to trial and the whole nine yards."
..."David, I think I have the answer."
..."Well, you go and work for your father and learn the business so that you can take his place the way he wants you to. You learn to run Jarconni International and make a decent life for yourself....I know your father would have a change of heart if he thought you were ready to turn your life around."
Nicole's guidance would start the war between her children, ending with the death of one of them...and so much more...

I kept hoping, right up to the end, that things would work out, that there would be some salvation for this family. Only Nicole had been blameless, not knowing of the past until it was too late. Would she have forced David to work at Jarconni if she had known? Or had, really, she loved her children too much and not taken the time to see their true character?

One bright spot in all of the liaisons was a minor character who worked as head of security in Jarconni. Not only had he changed his life around because he knew he had met the right woman for him, but many, many years later, she came back into his life and he swore she would not get away this time. Watch for this little subplot and enjoy!

There is much to learn about life from Sinful Liaisons... What is fantastic is that you really won't realize that until you have completed the book! The drama is fast-paced, totally believable and relevant to today's world, spotlighting a love that was pure and innocent in itself, but unable to be fulfilled within the outside reality in which it lived. Truly memorable and highly recommended. Click on the title of this article to connect with this new author at Facebook... I'm already looking forward to seeing how she can "top" this one!

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  1. Thank you for this awesome review. I so appreciate it. The sequel is written and just needs some fine-tuning. There is definitely some unfinished business between David and Jumbo. LOL Thanks again.

  2. Glenda,
    This book sounds great! It sounds right up my alley. Great review!

  3. JC...I'm happy you are happy with my thoughts!

    Deb, quite a drama! If it sounds get it! You won't be sorry...