Sunday, June 21, 2009

Review: This Flowing Toward Me - A Must Read For Those Interested in U.S. Immigration!

This Flowing Toward Me
By Marilyn Lacey
Ave Maria Press.
ISBN: 9781594711978
207 Pages

This is a timely book about one of the most controversial issues of today that I’ve read! In my opinion, This Flowing Toward Me: A Story of God Arriving In Strangers by Marilyn Lacey is a must read for politicians, teachers, civic leaders, and anybody who is concerned about immigration activities in the United States.

Though written as a memoir, this book is really about the many, many interactions the author has had with and about refugees. “Marilyn Lacey invites those of us living behind locked doors in a world shuttered by homeland that where we most felt threatened, a wealth of blessings awaits us.” (back cover) This book is written as an inclusive text on all religions, for in reading of Marilyn’s experiences, we will see that it is not about religion, but about all of the millions of people who, if given the proper welcome, would become a friend.

Sister Lacey’s story begins when her convent welcomed Nhia Bee, his wife and five children from Thailand, all of who knew no English. During that visit, Marilyn realized how much the family had come to mean to her. And then she had a dream in which one of the children told her “we’re here to teach you a new way of loving.” And that was the beginning.

As an active professional woman, Sister Lacey quickly became involved and leader of many activities regarding refugee entrance into America. Many of her stories are about the people, but there is also much she shares about her personal journey. I empathize especially with her chapter about spiders—the insects we women all love to hate, even if they are God’s creatures! Imagine being confronted with a spider as big as your fist!

It is the latter part of the book where the Sister begins to speak to us, pointing out all of the Biblical stories where Jesus chose to befriend the stranger, the alien, the weary and downtrodden. With sufficient clarity she challenges—can we do less?

There is so much confusion, frustration and fear regarding immigrants to America. Let Sister Marilyn Lacey use her book, This Flowing Toward Me to help you answer the question, “What would Jesus Do?”

G. A. Bixler

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