Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Dead Husband - A Sally Sees Cozy Mystery is Out!


Cleaning up dead husbands isn’t in SALLY COLLIER's job description, so when she finds one half buried at the bottom of his garden, her work schedule gets seriously derailed. She has history with MEL and RENEE BIRNBAUM, owners of the million dollar home overlooking Discovery Bay on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, and when her beau, Jefferson County Chief of Detectives GEORGE TULLOCK, warns her to remember what all she saw when she got there, her day turns into a walk down memory lane. From her post-WWII London childhood to training as a secretary and then emigrating to Chicago and citizenship; from being a working gal to a single mom; from heading west with her kids and finally finding a good life in picturesque Port Townsend.

After Sally connects with the Birnbaums’ grown daughter, CLAIRE, she has to face down an hysterical Renee and her celeb boss, ALAN HATTON.

Sally’s proud of her mentor: "My Mum was a good char, she just didn't clean house with light heart. You know, have fun. Oh, quit sniggering! What's the first thing little girls play at? Anyway, my Mum taught me a family's home will tell you a lot about how they're getting along. For the past three years, the Birnbaums have been in trouble."

As the mystery of THE DEAD HUSBAND unravels, Sally isn't shy about her memories, her love life nor the joy she finds in cleaning "her" homes.

About the Author:

R. J. Brown, a WWII London adopted orphan emigrated to Chicago in '65 and moved west 17 years and 2 children later. She lived and worked in Port Townsend during the ‘80s until relocating to the rainforest on the West End of the Olympic Peninsula with her husband, author D. H. Brown. Big River Press published the second expanded edition of her memoir STANDING THE WATCH: The Greatest Gift: about caring for their Poppa when he came home to die. Her website can be found by clicking the title of this article!

For a signed copy please contact:
Big River Press
P. O. Box 371
Clallam Bay, WA 98326 USA

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