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2007 National Best Book Award Winner, Gloria Mallette, Releases New Book - Sassy!

Releases New Book
May 22, 2009


National Best-Selling Author GLORIA MALLETTE, the 2007 National Best Book Award Winner and the 2008 Indie Excellence Award Winner for Living, Breathing Lies, is back with an edge-of-the-seat suspense—SASSY.

Fans of Mallette’s powerful dramas are once again set to get caught up in her realistic portrayal of her characters’ lives. The murder of two women in New York City has Detective Frank Keifer looking for a vicious killer while Sassy Davenport, a popular romance novelist, has finally met the man of her dreams.

When architect Norris Yoshito, on a whim, steps off the street into one of Sassy’s book signings, he is instantly smitten and Sassy is curiously intrigued. A passionate relationship develops but when Sassy’s life is threatened by a man who looks uncannily like Norris, she is thrust into a world of uncertainty and doubt. While key people associated with Norris are brutally murdered, Sassy hides away in Norris’s Blue Mountain home not knowing if she is truly safe. Norris appears to have two personalities—one is that of a violent man, the other a man of great compassion who helps Sassy with her cousin who is dying of AIDS. Unwittingly, Sassy finds herself caught up in a nightmare of deception and danger where romance takes a back seat and the real world of murder thrust her into a desperate fight for her life.

In 2000, Mallette self-published her second novel, Shades of Jade; sold 13,000 copies and was picked up by Random House. With the 2007 release of Living, Breathing Lies, Mallette’s ninth novel, Mallette returned to the self-publishing arena to remain true to the stories she is passionate about writing. Mallette has made several national bestseller’s lists; and she has been profiled in USA Today, the New York Daily News, Today’s Black Woman, UpScale Magazine, and The Pocono Record.

Publisher’s Weekly has said, “Mallette's great strength is her willingness to reveal the weaknesses and occasional petty vindictiveness of all her protagonists. . .,” and “Mallette's balanced perspective and well-rounded characters will keep fans riveted.”

For more about Gloria Mallette, click the title of this article to go to her web site!

Note: My review of Sassy coming soon!

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