Thursday, June 25, 2009

Review: The Quest for the Prize - A Fun Read!

The Quest for the Prize
By Keith Dyne
Raider Publishing
ISBN: 1935383043
316 Pages

Do you love puzzles? Are you a code breaker? Then you might want to consider check out the “advert” for the quest! Keith Dyne, in his first book, The Quest for the Prize, provides readers the opportunity to work along with the characters—the way to get to the prize is through five difficult activities—reading and interpreting verses, finding words, breaking the codes!

The young man that has been recently selected to undertake this quest is Jerry Dumbarton. He is just like you or me! His primary skill is in any physical activities; while he has two friends who are helping him with the quest—Julia (Jules) Evans and Pete Potts. Jerry’s quest is to discover the whereabouts of the prize that will lead to his being able to assume the role of the “Good Lord” for a thousand years. The present Lord is “The White Horse” and, yes, that is literally—he’s a white horse that talks!

Of course, this all takes place in the magical realm, to which Jerry would move if he becomes the Good Lord. Interestingly, the liaison character between Jerry and his friends and the Good Lord (and his Guardians) is Mystic, a raven who can see into the future. When Jerry first meets Mystic, he and Jules can both hear her talk, while Pete cannot, although later he is able to. Yes, there is another book coming, The Replenishment” so there will be many questions still remaining to be answered—like why Pete was not immediately able to hear Mystic!

The replenishment, by the way, is the term used when the White Horse has completed his reign, can go back to his former life (and love, which in this case is Mystic!) and the new Good Lord takes over.

Yes, of course—you knew there was also an Evil Lord! Well, so far, he has found and eliminated two of the guardians and has been able to determine who the new Chosen One is who is already on the quest!

What I found most interesting was that Stonehenge is purported to be the altar upon which people could worship the first Good Lord, Gred, who was only 12 when he first found “the prize” and began to eliminate the hate and evil in the world. It is all explained for us to understand in the “Book of Gred” that is shared with readers!

Keith Dyne has created a fun quest for his readers and will certainly be of interest to teenagers and adults alike. I admit I wasn’t good at solving the clues, but, hey, it’s good practice for some future quest for me! How about you? Do you need the practice to follow clues? The Quest for the Prize by Keith Dyne brings you mind-boggling exercises, even using the computer to help.

First in a trilogy, start now to follow the tense, electrifying battles as the Evil Lord takes on... even you, the reader!

G. A. Bixler
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