Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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During tough times it is important to find a way to keep moving. Although times are hard, these times will also be a memory of the past. We at View House Publishing, have reduced the prices of our Writing & Self-Esteem Workshop for children. There are a few spaces available. Below and attached is a flyer about our workshop for children. Also, if you would like to sponsor a child's tution to the workshop, please contact for information.

Writing & Self-Esteem Workshop for Children
(ages 8–12)
Only an educator, social worker, parent, and publisher could have designed a group that combines creative writing, art, and self-esteem building in a way that attracts children. Participants will have the opportunity to meet in weekly workshops that consist of group activities and fun tasks with the goal of completing a published book by the end of the sessions. These workshops are designed to help children develop an interest in writing, a passion for creative art, social skills, and an opportunity to feel good about a great accomplishment.

Registration form:
Workshop sessions are $21.00 per week. Please note that half of the total payment must be made before or on the first day. The remaining amount must be paid prior to the fifth session. The total cost of $210 covers 10 workshops, two copies of a published book that contains the group’s completed work, and a completion certificate. The books will be mailed to the participants 10 days after the last session.
Note: Two early-bird discounted rate of the total cost:
1) $190 (half payment by June 2) or $165 (full payment by June 2)

Location: 1305 Franklin Street, Suite 502, Oakland, CA 94612 (basement conference room)
Day & Time: Saturdays, 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m.
Start & End Dates: June 13, 2009–August 22, 2009
Workshop Dates: June 13, 20, 27 July 11, 18, 25 August 1, 8, 15, 22

Child’s name: __________________________________________________________ Grade: _______________
Parent’s name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Street Address: _______________________________________ City: _____________________ Zip: __________
Home Phone #: ____________________ Cell Phone #: ____________________ Email: _____________________
For more information, call (510) 350-5502 or send an email to Please make your check payable to View House Publishing (VHP), and mail it with this completed form to: VHP, 1305 Franklin Street, Suite 502, Oakland, CA 94612 (credit & debit cards are also accepted). Fax (510) 404-5278
Photo Release, Dismissal, & Collected Work:
Photos may be taken during the workshops for the website or any other official printed publication. We reserve the right to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, or distribute the photos for purposes of advertising our services. By signing below, I signify that I understand that I may choose to not allow photos of my child or children to be used in any way. I understand that once an image is posted on the View House Publishing website, the image can be downloaded by any computer user. Therefore, I agree to indemnify and hold View House Publishing harmless from any claims.
Please Check One:
___ Pictures of my child or children may be used for publication by View House Publishing.
___ Pictures of my child or children may not be used for publication by View House Publishing.
___ My child has permission to walk home alone after the workshop sessions.
___ My child needs to be walked to the after-school program named: _____________________________________________
____ Please have my child or children wait in class until a parent or guardian arrives.

Note: Parents will be given a permission form to review and sign prior to any work being published as part of a book or otherwise. No work will be published as part of a book or otherwise without the written permission of a parent or guardian.
Parent’s/Guardian’s signature: _____________________________________________________________

Date: ____________


We Have Editors!
Our editors are the best in the business.

Proofreading and Copy Editing for
your Novel, Ebook, Business Plan, Website, Academic Thesis, School Essay, or Application Letter

For more information:
Call 510-350-5502 or send an email to:

View House Publishing

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