Friday, May 29, 2009

Review: New Fantasy Series Begins with Chrysalis: The Awakening

Chrysalis: The Awakening
By M. L. Lacy
ISBN: 9781438959856
589 Pages

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Book 1 of a new series by M. L. Lacy, Chrysalis: The Awakening, is an intriguing addition to the fantasy genre. With nearly 600 pages, that read very easily and quickly, I highly recommend you start this series right now, as Bree awakens!

No, Aubrey Marie Campbell has not been “asleep;” rather, she has been a mortal since birth and now is her time to “transition” into the magical realm. You see she is A Chosen One—in fact, she is the “last” of the Chosen Ones and if she fails in her mission, both the mortal and magical worlds will ultimately be destroyed. I plan on following this series! It is well written and Book 1 has established a firm understanding of the storyline, the primary characters, and what will be happening; and entertains and pulls readers in so that they want more. I personally hope we don’t have to wait too long for the follow up!

As the last Chosen One, Bree’s life has been in danger since she was born. Her parents were constantly threatened so that Bree’s childhood was constantly more and more confining and restrictive. She was separated from her “intended” and, instead, married to a sadistic mortal that constantly abused and tormented her, even to the point of “sharing” her with his male friends. Finally, when she became pregnant, was beaten, lost the baby and was then unable to have further children, Bree gathered her strength and filed for divorce.

While Bree was made to suffer during her childhood, she was not left totally on her own. There were many that stood guard over her, even at night while she slept—although they could not be seen!

Now her grandmother has invited her to a “reunion” of old friends and although she was not interested in going, fearing that her friends would all be the same age as her grandmother, she finally gives in and, once there, finds that there are many of her own age. One in particular greatly attracts her. Oops, shall I highlight here that memory of her old friends, especially Steven, her intended mate, had been magically erased, so that when she now meets them, she does not remember their earlier relationship. Actually, it was the interaction between the characters at this point that I especially enjoyed since Bree had felt for many years that there was perhaps something wrong with her—she heard voices, she healed quickly, even from the continuous abuse from her husband, and she had been restricted from so much activity by her parents, she had assumed that she was mentally ill! This part is funny and sad—sad to realize what parents, even parents with magical abilities, can do to a child.

For Bree’s rival, Esmeralda, did indeed threaten—and everybody knew that she would follow through on her threats! But now Bree was finding her own strength and much of her early life had been explained. Bree’s first confrontation with Esmeralda is excitingly funny—because by now of course, readers are all supporting Bree’s new reign and looking forward to her final transition, when she gains her full powers!

Hey, everybody needs a little magic in their lives—you know, clans of vampires, a few werewolves, a giant or two, witches, elves, and wizards—Oh My! Seriously, readers, if you love fantasy, then you will indeed enjoy Chrysalis: The Awakening by M. L. Lacy!

G. A. Bixler

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  1. From the Author"

    Oh my! You really liked it - I am so happy. The second book is being edited now. I have books 3 written and waiting on the final edits of book 2 and book four is in the works. Ill keep you posted.

    Thank you so much. You don't know how happy you have made me!