Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kittens From Heaven: A Short True Story

Living in a log cabin has been a wonderful exciting time for me. Sometimes it results in totally unexpected happenings: like, kittens falling...from heaven?

Wherever they came from, they wound up in between two walls in my cabin! I had thought in the past that I had heard small kittens mewing, seeminly from the walls, but soon it stopped so I thought the kittens were outside or under the cabin and their mother was away for awhile...

But this time the calls for help were insistent! Soon, Striper, one of my mother cats was involved and tried to get behind my book cases to find them. When she couldn't, she would look up at me as if to say, "Do something!"

I tried--one of the rooms was my furnace and storage, so I moved everything out from the corner to see whether I could get to them, even though I had no idea how they could have gotten in the corner. Nothing. However, upon hearing the noise and having Striper "talking" back to them had ensured they knew that someone was there... Their cries became louder and more insistent: "Yes, we're here! Help!"

...And on the third day, when Striper and I were getting desperate trying to figure out something, my brother-in-law, Bill, came to visit. "How do you always know when I need you," I asked.

"What's the problem?"

"There are kittens behind the walls! Is there any way that you can think of to get to them?

"Put a hole in the wall! Are you sure they are there?"

"I'm sure, it's been three days and I'm going crazy with their calling!"

"Where's the hammer?" He promptly took it, got near the wall, and started pounding.

The first one to come was a little tiger and white one and I pulled him close. Covered with dust and dirt, he snuggled into my neck--Saved!

Next to be handed to me was a little black one. Bill had picked him up by the tail, but he wasn't even crying or trying to get away. Cuddled next to me, he immediately started purring!

We stood there listening but didn't hear anything, but Bill decided to leave the hole open...just in case...

...there were more kittens from heaven!

--to be continued...

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