Saturday, May 2, 2009

BookExpoAmerica - I'd Love to be There

This is a photo of my one and only BookExpo Show (in Chicago, 1999--10 years ago, Wow!)...I was thrilled when my publisher boss, Bettie Tucker, of Rainbow's End Christian Publishing, decided to go and asked me to participate! For a book lover, it is truly one of the highlights of my life--being surrounded by books, seeking and meeting people who are in the book publishing business and even having a chance to meet and get an autograph from TV star and author of Farewell to the Mockingbirds, James McEachin!

I came home from the trip with a trunk-load of books, posters, pens, badges and lots of other goodies, most of which I still have!

We had a very nice display and there I met Adolfo Caso, publisher of Branden Books, who has been my friend for many years!

If you are an author or small publisher, there are ways to join with others in attending this show. Believe me, if you can make it, you won't regret being there!

I just started following the Expo on Twitter @BookExpoAmerica. You can also check out their site by clicking on the title of this article!


  1. My previous publisher asked me to attend when it was in DC a couple years ago and I agree - the time of my life! My husband also attended and I think we returned home with about $900 worth of books.
    Just wish they weren't keeping it in NY for the next three years straight!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Diane, NY for me is fairly close, but not being in publishing, there's not quite sufficient reason for the expense for us... At the time, I picked up lots of catalogs from other publishers...not sure exactly why, except to plan for our own...LOL

    I have to admit though that reading and doing book reviews and working with new authors has been more fun than the actual nitty-gritty of now I get to have the books come to me in the mail!

    Hope you can find it possible to get to another show...I must admit that if I were married, I'd be dragging my husband there!