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Andrew Cyrus Hudson Presents Suspense, Romance...and...Murder!

"As George walked away, papers started
to fly everywhere, blinding her vision.
The floor liquefied, turning into a deep
tar pit of papers. The world became black
space again. Cold hands of the unknown
were grabbing at her, trying to pull her
into the abyss below the papers..."


By Andrew Cyrus Hudson

This new author had the courage to pull back his original book and spend time editing again. So, please, be sure that you have the copy dated March 25th, 2012. There are still a few places that he didn't catch, but I was impressed with his efforts and believe by continued writing, he will continue to improve in the strange new world of "proofreading" your own work. And believe me, after my years of experience, I know that it is a tough job that requires ongoing efforts to improve.

Hudson does, however, have a talent for suspense and he kept me guessing almost to the very end. Sure, it's a little rough in writing style but I soon got past that and into the story. Throwing out a brutal murder in the first chapter, we quickly leave that as the police begin their investigation throughout the story...

Travis Benson is the main character and, when he experiences a dream, he believes it is an omen--and he feels he has no choice but to react, even though he is torn in making his final decision.

"It was a dark, hazy swirl of colors and a palette
full of murky shades and faint lights. The vision
may have been muddled, but the feeling and
emotion was as real and as transparent as it
could get.
"It was like he wasn't even there. In the flesh,
that is. But he was there, floating up, taking in
the view of everything below.
"The scenery below was of a great fire. A forest
full of trees blazed into a crisp red before falling
right back down. Dark sounds in full stereo,
sounding like violins mired in blood.
"Travis was being pulled down, down, down
towards the ground, center stage where the fire
was happening. There were faint screams fading
in and out, like cars passing along the freeway.
And in the center of all of this hell-paved
pandemonium was a two story house with all
its features blurred out.
"Against his own weak will, Travis was pulled
inside of it, twisting the knob and pushing it
out of half curiosity, half sheer horror..."
Travis had fought with his wife and had walked out 6 months ago. He had just lost his job and knew he wouldn't be able to find another in the area--he was an experienced recording engineer in the music business. Eileen was just as worried but they fought rather than talking about it. Finally Eileen had declared she didn't need Travis...

Travis moved to Connecticut and started working in a marketing firm, becoming quite successful, but his nerves and worry about his family are working on him physically until his boss suggests he take some vacation time. After the horror of...the dream...he gets into his truck and starts back to his home and family.

Now the key issue for Hudson's success is that he moves readers back and forth as we see his internal thoughts and his indecision. At the same time, he happens to arrive back home around the same time as the murder, so is immediately considered as a "person of interest.

So while Travis and Eileen are talking about whether there is a future for them, we find that there are more and more murders in the community and everybody is afraid, especially when a child where Eileen teaches is slain!

The book is a bit of a "slasher" tale reminiscent of the Halloween or other horror stories. However, readers are exposed to the serial killer's background and internal thoughts. A true psychological suspense tale that had me thinking into the night trying to figure out who was the killer. We find out in a different way than most suspense mysteries but that did allow for the introspection from the killer's point of view that we rarely have the opportunity to review...

I especially enjoyed the story of Travis and Eileen and was happy to see them reunited--at the same time I could have gotten along without so much "slashing" (LOL) but the overall suspense certainly allows me to recommend this to those who read my thoughts...

And an added bonus in the Kindle Edition is a sampling of the story that will appear in a complete anthology, as shown above!

Take time to check out this new author--with more experience writing and writing more, you just may one day say, "I remember his first book! Now look what he's writing!" I'm glad I had a chance to talk to the author and enjoy his revised edition! Try it!


Andrew Cyrus Hudson is a writer as well as a reviewer for . Originally from the San Bernardino Mountains in CA, Andrew Hudson now resides in the San Fernando Valley and is planning to move to wherever life takes him next. Along with working hard on getting the word out for Drift, a mainstream fiction novel mixed in with some elements of horror and even mystery; he's also writing Strange Happenings, a science-fiction anthology coming out Summer of 2011 and revising Poem for the Wolves, an epic science-fiction novel about relationships, poetry...and explosions.

Original cover concept by Ken Meyer, Jr.

I enjoyed seeing the evolution of the am sharing with my readers!

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