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Owen and Herc Are Back! A Different Type of Review...

Sleight of Paw:

A Magical Cats Mystery

By Sofie Kelly

I decided not to invite Owen or Hercules to come this time, so that I could tell you a little more about Kathleen,
their Mom, who reminds me of myself, treating her cats as companions, talking to them, etc., however, Hercules came walking through my door right as I started to write and I quickly changed my mind! Then I saw Owen in my yard...

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Herc! Glad to have you visit! Is Owen coming in? I had opened the door but didn't see him, then turned around...

Gee, I see why Kathleen 
never gets used to having
Owen reappear...

Hi, Owen, I see you've already
made yourself comfortable...

Soooo, guys, I really enjoyed Sleight of Paw and am anxious to tell BRH Readers about the book 'cause I have to say it may be my favorite of the books by Sofie Kelly that I've read so far!

Don't look at me like that, of course, I think all of them are wonderful, but some can still be favorites...can't they?

Well, first I want to say that we are so happy to be back to visit at BRH! I hope you don't mind us dropping in, as they say, but I heard that we're getting a lot of fans visiting you whenever we talk about our books, so we didn't want to disappoint, ya' kno'? I guess I'll go ahead and start since I was the first to get involved, even though Owen was there for all the excitement! But I brought in clues galore or Mom wouldn't have had any ideas to start with!

So, first, let me tell you what happened! Mom was eating with Maggie, waiting for Ruby, when Ruby rushed in all upset..."Somebody help me!" Mom, of course, hurried over and then volunteered to go back outside into the alley. Agatha Shepherd was there...dead...

Of course, the police were immediately called and Marcus and others showed up, but, well, you know that Mom gets very involved with things that happen in her life... Ruby was her friend, Agatha was Ruby's friend; therefore, she had to help Ruby!

Especially when Ruby was arrested for her murder...

Now, there were a couple of things Mom had seen, but, as usual, Marcus told her to stay out of his investigation so she kept them to herself and started asking questions. You see, she had seen several people arguing with Agatha earlier that day. Each time, she'd had an envelope in her hand and the various people seem to grabbing for it or trying to persuade her to do something about it. So, of course, those individuals were immediately contacted--but they said that what was in the envelope had nothing to do with her murder.

Now, you know, that just made Mom even more curious--and sure that that envelope was indeed important!

Mom always talks to us about everything and, especially, when she gets involved with an investigation. She says it helps her to talk out loud and put the pieces together, but we know that she's really expecting Owen and me to help. Right Owen?
"Hercules lifted a paw and smacked me on the arm.
"Ow!" I said. It didn't actually hurt, but I was trying to
make a point. Why did he suddenly have to develop
standards about me poking around in one of Marcus's
"Look, all I want to do is look is that bad," I said. "If
Ruby wasn't in jail you know she'd let me."
Hercules actually seemed to consider that thought.
"I'd wait if I had the time"--I leaned in even closer--
"but I don't."
"I set him on the floor, brushed off my lap and headed
for the stairs. He was in front of me before I'd taken
more than a couple of steps.
"It's for a good cause," I said. "And I'm not asking
you to help me." I closed my eyes and pressed the
heel of my hand to my forehead. I'd lost my mind.
I really had this time. I was trying to justify to a cat
what I was going to do.
"I opened my eyes and looked into deep green cat
eyes in a cute, furry black-and-white face. He
looked like any other house cat, ready to rub
against my leg or chase dust balls under the bed.
But he wasn't someone's cute, cuddly house pet.
"Marcus isn't going to look for another killer,"
I said to the cat. "At best, all he's going to do is
look for more evidence against Ruby." I shrugged.
"She's my friend...We're just going to have to
agree to disagree."
...I went to the living room doorway. Hercules was
coming across the floor, backward, from the closet,
dragging my messenger bag, the strap in his teeth.
His way, I realized, of telling me he'd help...
"I walked over and crouched down to his level.
He let go of the woven strap and looked at me.
I suddenly had a giant lump in my throat. I
kissed the top of his head. "Thank you," I
said hoarsely.

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Hey! What the...?
Who put this ball on my head?!

Oh... OK...


Ok, let me get back to the story now that we've had our little bit of "tom-foolery" LOL...Get it?!!! Tom-Cat? Tom-Foolery? Oh well, this is a hard crowd...

Anyway, Agatha had been run over and there were several clues about the vehicle that had been used, including a piece of glass that Mom had found when she was checking to see if Agatha was still alive. She did turn that over to Marcus, but was feeling bad because she had therefore helped to provide evidence against Ruby! 

Well, you know that just made her try harder! And by the time she was putting all the clues Herc had found together with what she'd learned through talking with people, she figured out who she thought had done it... That's when it got crazy, 'cause she wanted to go check it out and get proof! Without telling anybody else!

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