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Not Just Another Review... Meet Syrah - Guest Reviewer!

The Cat, the Quilt
and the Corpse

By Leann Sweeney

"Yoowwww! You Know I was Catnapped, right?!"

"Yes, I do Syrah! But I know a smart, beautiful cat like you have gotten over the trauma now, haven't you, my pretty one? And you know, hearing your story is why I wanted you to visit!"

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Well, I'm so happy to have a chance to be here at 
Book Readers Heaven and tell you all about it! It 
was a bit exciting, but I'm usually quite calm. But
there I was, hanging around at home, when I saw
somebody looking in at me! Before I knew it, he'd
busted the window and grabbed me just like that!

Now I learned later that when Mom got home from
her latest trip, she knew right away that something
was wrong--you see, Chablis was sneezing--she's
allergic you see. So she started calling us and Merlot
came, but, well, I wasn't there to chat her up like I
normally would be.

You see, I had already been taken to another house, 
where other cats were being held in cages! I knew
something was really wrong, but I also knew that
Mom would not stop until she found me!

..."Meet me at Flake Wilkerson's house right now.
I'm certain he has my cat, and I need you to help
me deal with this situation. I'd already thought
about hiring you to find Syrah anyway and now
it's settled. We can talk about money later. Do you
need directions to the Pink House?"
"I don't, but--"
"This is important. Five minutes..."
I took a deep breath and smiled, certain I was about
to be reunited with Syrah. But the time it took to get
to Wilkerson's house seemed like forever. I was
hoping Tom would beat me there, but his van wasn't
in the driveway when I arrived. I parked on the 
street close to the ditch, not willing to walk up to
that front door alone. Be smart, Jillian. You can wait.

But something changed my mind.
My gorgeous Syrah came walking down the driveway
away from the house, his distinctive meow--the one I
hear when he gets himself stuck behind something
or locked in a closet--loud and clear. He was
calling for me.
"Worried that I might spook him, I left my van as
quietly and carefully as possible, crouched at the
end of the driveway and whispered his name. He
stopped and looked at me, all thirty-two muscles
in his ears working. He cocked his head, meowed
again. I know every one of his special sounds. He
sounded...well, demanding.
"Then he turned and scurried back toward the house."
What? No

Now Mom hadn't gone out much to meet new people but she sure did now...first she went to a shelter to find out whether somebody had found me. She met a nice couple there but they hadn't seen me, but Shawn had an idea and they wound up going to a place where a man lived who Shawn thought probably had me. But they argued and left, catnapping a cat out on the road! Yikes, Mom didn't know what to think!

Anyway, the next time she had called another man who'd she met who put in a new security system...but then she saw me and didn't wait for him. Didn't matter much, 'cause the catnapper was already dead when she followed me into the house!

Besides all the other cats, you know what else she found? Several of her quilts [Mom makes quilts for cats and people], were there being used in the cat cages! She was really confused but that was just one of the things she had to figure out--who and why cats had been taken!

Mom had a lot of interaction with the top cop, but he wasn't willing to consider cats would be the cause of murder, so he did his investigation, while Mom just went on with hers--who knew she would become obsessed just because I was taken from our home?! Makes me want to purr and cuddle with her...Hmm?

Anyway, Mom had also made friends with a deputy and several others while she did her investigating. Soon the whole town, which was a gossip center, knew her and was talking about the murder. And Mom had found that there were others who had lost cats! This couldn't be coincidental...

But nobody, including Mom would have ever guessed what really happened! And I bet you didn't either, did you?

No, Syrah, I have to admit I didn't! Which is great for me as the mystery fan! And maybe we can talk after we finish here today, but we don't want to give away too much so that others will also have the fun

of discovering whodunit!

Sure, I'd love to hang around and chat some more! Got any milk? And who's that black long-haired beauty? Think she'll come and play? Heh! Ricci? Hey, Beautiful Ricci, Come on over to lay on this nice soft fur I found! Hmmmmm?

Ricci, Not too happy with she?

GABixlerReviews (Who Loved It!)

Leann Sweeney and Indigor. 
I have been writing for more than twenty years. Many times I worked my day job as a nurse, wife and mom and then wrote well into the night. My books are "gentle mysteries" and my towns are populated with people I'd like to meet. Not that I "like" all those characters, I'd just like to meet them. There will be justice in the end and no animal will ever be harmed, only rescued. I hope you can escape into one of my stories.
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