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Lots of Articles Re Reviews: Check 'Em Out!

Suw Charman-Anderson
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New York Times Reviews Self-Published Book

Drawing distinctions purely on the way that a book has been published now says more about the person making the comparison than the books they are comparing. The best of self-publishing can compete on equal terms with the best of traditional publishing, as Sepinwell so ably demonstrates.*[Favorite Quote]
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This is a NonFiction Book By Known Professional--Makes a Difference?

Amazon Tackles Review Problem, Deletes Wrong Reviews

Well, those of us who thought that Amazon would do nothing were, it turns out, wrong. Amazon has, in fact, tweaked its customer reviews guidelines and has started deleting reviews. Except it might well be deleting the wrong reviews.* Check out total article by Suw Charman-Anderson.

Who Reviews The Reviewers?

The latest example, which manages quite epically to combine both those forms of snobbery, comes from Sir Peter Stothard, editor of the Times Literary Supplement and Man Booker Prize judge, who has expressed fears that the standard of literary criticism has slipped and that book bloggers are some sort of literary kryptonite that will destroy the industry. To quote the Independent:
 ”There is a widespread sense in the UK, as well as America, that traditional, confident criticism, based on argument and telling people whether the book is any good, is in decline. Quite unnecessarily.”

Well, being a bit of Kryptonite makes me feel a bit naughty...LOL...You know, the one thing about me is that I'm always going to read my books...there is absolutely no reason for me to also review them, except that it is fun for me also. When all this nonsense came about simply because we have the technology and the newspapers/magazines no longer reviewed as much as they once did. It seems to me that there should be brains out there to figure out how this can be done in the future. This young lady has already been thinking about it and writing about it...

Me, I'm retired and doing what I love to do....if some of my thoughts fit with what you'd like to read, that's great...if not, no big deal...I'm still going to be writing about what I've been reading and hope that maybe a book or two will fit your palate sometime...In the meantime, I love watching all these discussions about having too many books, needing too many reviewers...but, my oh my, how do we control it all! LOL What a life!

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