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Robert J. Saniscalchi Presents MagNanoTron: A Bond of Brothers Thriller!


The local police called in the vast resources of the FBI. After close analysis of the crime scene, it was determined that the shooter had to come from the passenger side of the vehicle. After examining the type and amount of shell casings, it was suspected that a submachine gun, possibly an Uzi, was used in the assault. In all probability, there were two suspects: one male – the shooter – and one female, driving the BMW. Everyone was out, everywhere, searching for the killers. A few unlucky residents had the scare of their lives, because of the color and make of the car they were driving, but no suspects. The intense manhunt continued. 

A week later, in Maryland, it was a cold, gray, early-December day at the cemetery. Walter Beck was an Army veteran, with twenty years in law enforcement, and he was being buried with full military honors. His flag-draped coffin was slowly carried to the gravesite by his fellow CIA agents, while a crowd of friends and family, along with a large presence of police officers and agents, stood watching. A line of soldiers in full dress stood at attention, as a priest said some heartfelt prayers. 

Tanner had talked with the shaken family. Beck left behind a loving wife, a daughter getting ready for college and a twelve-year-old son who looked just like him. It was a sad, somber day. Afterward, the soldiers slowly moved into formation, mounted their rifles and fired off a salute. Tanner was flooded with emotion, and almost lost it when “Taps” was played, and the soldiers slowly and meticulously folded the flag. He had a bad taste in his mouth about the nasty spies who had shot Walter. He wanted to kill them all. 

In Fort Bragg, Androvski and Darious were on base, and working on the preparations for testing. Commander Ryan was in his office when he got a call from General Stanis. He was shocked to hear about the slain CIA agent, and that two operatives suspected to have a Russian connection were spying on the Devcom facilities. “Sorry to hear about this, sir,” Ryan said. “Do we have any leads on these creeps?” 

“Unfortunately, they got away for now,” Stanis replied; “the police, CIA and FBI are still searching. "Unfortunately, they got away for now,” Stanis replied; “the police, CIA and FBI are still searching. The president was briefed and has been assured that all assets for Magnanotron were safe and secured. Stanis told him, after looking through the details of the assault on the agent, that his gut tells him it’s the Russians, but he could be wrong. “Oh, and, as of midnight tonight,” Stanis added, “we’re going to DEFCON-three alert status.” 

“Well, sir, Magnanotron and the scientists are here on base, with hundreds of Special Forces troops,” Ryan replied. “I can’t think of a safer place in the world.” “Agreed, Commander,” Stanis added. “We need to keep Magnanotron on base for now, and get this spy thing sorted out.” Ryan sipped his coffee. “Devcom is good. It’s locked down tight and we got Army airborne troops over there.” “I will keep you informed, Commander,” General Stanis replied. “Please let me know how the testing goes.” The two leaders talked about the general’s hunch on the Russian thing. Ryan leaned that way as well, and had the same feeling; it had to be the Russians. 

At Delta’s quarters, the men were taking it easy. Blair and McDonough were playing the video game they would go nuts with, when Thomas Blacknal came walking in with a smile. “I’m back!” “Goddamn, look what the wind blew in!” Dudash said, as he jumped up from his bed. “Good to see you, Tommy. You look good,” Tex said with a smile. “I knew you would be okay.” “The doctors said the body armor saved my life, for sure. Shoulder’s still a little sore,” Blacknal replied, “but I got my mojo back.” Blacknal’s eyes grew wide. “You shoulda seen them nurses! They was mighty fine. Got me motivated, yes, sir.” Tex had to laugh, as everyone welcomed their friend and fellow soldier back home...


It all started when someone had carelessly thrown away his reminder of a recent event. There were just three words. But they were important key words: Magnanotron, Androvsky and testing. Reading the crumbled note, taken from the garbage, gave the spy all that he needed--that together with the obvious excitement that had been going on around him... He immediately reported...

Americans should know by now that the world has spies--everywhere. After all, we, too, have them... The only main difference I see is that America works to prevent harm insofar as possible. Other countries, those run by dictators, care about only one thing. Power and Winning. And, now, one of the world's foremost dictators had been keyed in on one of the most important military weapons that had ever been achieved! The dictator wanted it! And all the action is set in America...

It was 2010 when I first met Robert and read Bullets and Bandages. He was telling a story told to him by his brother... I don't think I will ever forget the fact that Robert was the one to write this first story, which set off a career in military fiction writing that continues, this time, with a fascinating thriller that I couldn't help but think, while reading, Oh, if it were only true... (Do a search by author to see reviews of his other books...)

You see, two scientists have been working on a top-secret level under a military contract and have achieved a major breakthrough. Testing had begun, first on a dummy, then a small animal, and, finally, on a human. Each level of testing was reviewed at the highest level--the President of the United States and he was making the final decision, based upon viewing what happened at each level of testing.

When it reached the final level of testing, of course, it was important that those who would be actually using the MagNanoTron would be those who did the testing. Special Forces DeltaTeam was the obvious choice. Readers quickly enjoy meeting each member of the team, while participating in the camaraderie during who will be...first... At the same time, this reader took special note that during all that was happening, there was a lot of prayer happening by various characters... This was an important addition for me... It helps to personalize that these are real people participating in something that could be very dangerous, yet, willing to do so because of what the result could be... Our Nation's Freedom.

Of course it was the scenes between the spy team members and the special forces that turns the book into a thriller... Especially when one of the scientist is kidnapped! Everybody knows that this one individual could recreate the MagNanoTron for that dictator's country! That was to be prevented! At All Costs!

Because of the MagNanoTron and its potential use, I have not shared much about what is actually happening. You have to read it to believe it... And, again, I say, wouldn't it be wonderful if it was really possible?! 

If you read military fiction, I'd call this a must-read. Thriller readers of all types will also be excited and, perhaps, exhilarated, as I was when the Special Forces Delta Team takes on the kidnappers! Do Check it Out!


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  1. Amazing and emotional, a gripping tribute, thanks Glenda!