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Mary M. Schmidt Introduces Animal Poems - To Enjoy Or To Emulate!

Have you noticed that more writers are using the written word to express emotions? Some are concerned--worried about what is now happening in America... Some write fiction related to those issues... But, once in a while, somebody like Mary M Schmidt chooses to write to make us smile, to bring forth laughter, even, while sharing about things we are all familiar with, but have stopped paying attention to... to escape for a little while our reality... I, for one appreciated that decision. Because, of course, I can quite easily choose to consider living as one of those animals surrounding us! Cats! Here's what she says about living as a Cat...


This is Charlie. She lives with me and now has 5 kittens to take care of... But, is she having fun or would she rather being doing cat things...

Today I am a cat,
I have to be on the lookout
 Where is that brat? I wait, I watch, here she comes, Wait, what’s she holding now? 
A fuzzy, cute little mouse! I slowly lift my claw, 
As her daddy warns… 
Don’t tease that cat or she will scratch. 
I get into my position, as the rodent drops, 
all I need now is a string of cheese, 
but wait Is it another trick? 
I see her smile, her smirk and as I release
 The most dramatic hiss, warning this pest 
She better get out of here or I will attack! 
What’s this, thank God, it’s Monday 
Freedom rings, the bell goes off and now, 
I can watch soaps with Mom. 
I sit and purr listening to Mom hum the
One Life to Live tune. 
Tick, tock, I think I hear the clock. 
Is that the sound of footsteps? Do I hear the door?
 Oh, no, it can’t be true… Is that brat back again?
 I better run, I better hide, no, wait… 
What, she doesn’t want to bother me today? 

Have you had a cat? I've lived with cats for most of my life, ranging from one or two up to 30! Wow... That was not a happy time for me or them. The life of a cat is definitely one I'd have to think about as to whether I wanted to be one!

Maybe... A Skunk!  And, of course, we remember the most well known! Pepe Le Pew!

Living in the country, I sometimes have had the displeasure of "smelling" a skunk... A pity, really, because they are so close to being a cat, that I'd like to pet one...LOL... Let's check out the author's thoughts:

I think I’m cute, 
so why doesn’t anybody seem to like me?
 I met this girl; I thought she was staring back at me, So I asked her out on a date…. 
She merely turned up her nose and pranced away, grumbling 
About how I smelled worse than a garbage dump
 I couldn’t believe what I was hearing 
since I bathed in the creek! 
I know she’s just imagining things; 
there can’t possibly be a stench, 
I’m a great-looking French gentleman. 
Where o where are you my beauty queen?
 I wait here at the corner and now here she comes
 The loveliest woman around, 
come here my sweet pea
 I am the skunk of your dreams! 
Oh, no, not again, 
she just clobbered me over the head, 
Now I have to slink away in a skunk’s disgrace. 
Uh, gee, what is that smell? Where is it coming from? I just can’t tell!
 Let me just stand here and hitchhike
 I stick out my thumb 
Oh, dear, it looks like I’m in luck! 
It’s another girl in a convertible 
Am I seeing this right? She looks just like me.
 I grin sheepishly as I slide in the passenger’s seat Hoping the odor is pleasantly disguised 
She doesn’t seem to mind as we drive into the sunset. Love is in the air for a great catch of a skunk, 
But who would want to date a skunk that stunk? 
Wait a minute, she is one, too! 

This is a fun book and there's more... Want to be an Ant?

Or a sheep?

Or a Puppy?

Or a Showfish

Or a Bird in a Cage?

Or a Chicken?

Or a Show Rabbit?

Or a Squirrel?

Or a Beautiful Butterfly?

I used to crawl around on the ground 
I always had to scrounge… But deep down inside
 I knew I was made for so much more. 
One day I saw this beautiful creature fluttering around a Cherry tree 
I was amazed wishing I could be there, too. 
All the ants, worms and grasshoppers laughed at me. They said I would never fly like that, 
I figured that I was just another ugly bug 
That slinked around in dirt and grime.
 I looked up, and kept watching the sky
 A cherry fell from the tree Wait a minute… 
What was happening to me? 
It really felt like I was spreading my wings. 
All the sudden I arose, I mustered up the courage.
 The impossible came alive, a miracle was born
 I transformed into a beautiful butterfly! 
A gorgeous day it was, a bright glowing cloudless sky. I just couldn’t describe, a picture so divine 
I learned all sorts of tricks, 
I turned left, I turned right, I twirled up, 
I twirled down, I swarmed and buzzed 
My problems were out of sight! 
I love being a butterfly, 
But once long ago, it just wasn’t true 
I knew there was a promise, sacred and true 
Mary M, Schmidt

As I finished this book, I thought that it was a wonderful book to share with your children as well. Sure, we adults sometimes like to get away from the chaos, but to children, it is a way to learn all about the animals that they might meet some day...! Reading of them, sharing the life they might be leading... Yeah, this book has much potential for both children and adults...when you want to play, Let's Pretend! Fun guaranteed!


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