Thursday, June 8, 2023

What's Happening at Book Readers Heaven! Some Good News! And Some Great News! Time to Celebrate God's Blessings! And Try For Amazon Gift Cards!

Good Morning! First the Great News!!! Yesterday, I had eye surgery on my right eye, and almost immediately, I was able to open my eyes and see, even through the patch I am now wearing!

Let me tell you about what happened... I admit that I was more concerned about this surgery, even though I've had both brain surgery and hip surgery over the past few years, and each of the surgeries went well as many of you already know. First, Rachel, who is helping me during these health issues, shared about her eye surgery. She promised it wouldn't hurt. I felt better having talked to somebody I love and who loves me--she's my great great-niece! I immediately felt better having somebody share about going through eye surgery. Eyes are so important to me, as you surely realize, since I'm reading all the time--and talking about books!

When I got into pre-op, a beautiful young woman came to help me. She had a tattoo on her arm and I immediately noticed and asked about it. It was a stack of books!!! Immediately we were sympatico, talking about our love for books and my concern for the surgery. Others joined her and told me about their reading, and then how many similar operations were routinely done... So, I changed clothes and got on the bed which would be used to take me to the operating room, (I had been told there was only one ahead of me). All of a sudden, I heard...

"I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy,"

Immediately, I had to respond, "Down in My Heart!"

And I heard, "Where?!

And I sang, "Down in My Heart!" 

And by that time, the lady had taken the first patient out of the room, on her way.

I turned to Rachel who was now with me for pre-op. I know I was grinning and she laughed back. I said, That was a God Incident! And then I called over the young woman and they shared admiration for their respective tats, and after she moved away. I said, "Rachel, that's what I call another God Incident--as soon as I saw her stack of books... And that's how I know that I know that I know God is Here! And I'm now ready for the surgery!"

And, here I am now typing and sharing and I'll go back to my surgeon, Dr. Moore later today. As you know, I tend to get excited when I've felt the presence of Our Lord!

I have to share, though, that I was not prepared for what happened. When I think of anesthesia, I think of going to sleep, well, this was "twilight," so if you ever hear that, ask for an explanation!

You see, I was awake during the entire surgery. I had a patch over my entire right facial area and then the lights started coming on and I was told to look directly at the light... Hmmm, so soon the light started moving (the Doctor had started) and I could actually see the Doctor working on my eye and, yes, each movement he made! Think going to the dentist if you have had a bad time, or even a good time), but you know that he's right there in your face and you can watch him... Well, now imagine not being able to see his face, but just the tips of his fingers and that light moving, moving, moving... I get chills just thinking about it! I frankly was afraid to move, I guess, because I could actually watch, rather than sleep through it... It was intense! And I was glad it was over. On the other hand, I already know what to expect on the left eye, so that's a good thing...I guess...but, I'll admit that I might be just as tense... But, believe me, it was worth it and I'm now looking forward to the operation on my left eye.

In post-op, those helping there said that some people think nothing of it, and others have a reaction like mine. I kept thinking about the very first time I started going to a dentist. He was my next-door neighbor so I was comfortable with him, until I got in that chair... I remember I grabbed hold of those arms and my fingers clutched the end of them and I didn't move one inch! Yeah, new experiences like that sometimes brings a "scared" reaction... You?

On the other hand, like I said, I'm sitting her writing about the whole experience...And overjoyed with actually being able to see through the patch on my eye and type to tell you about it! God is GOOD!

Kudos to all of the staff, and especially, my surgeon, Dr. Moore, who helped me through the trauma of another surgery!

Stopping now to get ready to go back for checkup! May have to continue tomorrow...for the good news!

God's gift of sight has allowed me to read, review, and talk about the hundreds and hundreds of books that have come into my life. I have personally gotten to know many of those writers who I can meet only online. Oops, I now remember that one of those authors came to visit me, Ruby Moon-Houldson, when she was on her way to Egypt... All of you have become an important part of my life! 

Words are so important. They can share love, they can hurt, or they can show, really, almost every emotion that we can experience during our lifetimes... I have been blessed in reading YOUR Words! Especially those of you who have chosen to use your books to talk about issues they've experienced in the past and/or in the present. Strong memories of pain and suffering. Loving words with others--or from God. Each of your lives are reflected in the words you write and share. How beautiful to have the opportunity to enter the lives of so many different people! And to see the faces of those characters you've created. Sometimes, we come to love them, as an integral part of you, the writer, whose imagination has been so fully engaged as to introduce us to, perhaps, fictional people, but still, people who reflect a part of yourself and those people around you. And, yes, that includes the villains! LOL

Which leads me to the Good News that I wanted to share with all who visit Book Readers Heaven!

It was 2005 when I moved my blog to here at Blogger. That's so long ago that I can't remember where I was posting earlier, but I do remember that Blogger was willing to allow a transfer into this new adventure for Google. I have never been sorry I've switched. The site is easy to use, easy to find, and, with an upgraded program format, even easier and better in fully sharing what each of you have written and which have then appeared on Book Readers Heaven!

So I'm celebrating! What? Well, I've gained (as well as all those who have guest blogged here), a threshold of articles that are now available here at Book Readers Heaven! I'm boasting that over 3000 (3015) have been published! They share my reviews, but also poetry, music, and other activities related to reading, including author interviews. 

Lately I've even been sharing "opinion pieces" which I or others have written, often including excerpts from books related to those opinions. Also, recently, although I've not been accepting requests for reviews, but I actually am buying books written by many of the authors I know or whose book has come to my attention for some reason. Many of them have been banned books, which in my mind is theft--for the author, the publishers, and for the potential readers who would want to read a book that has been banned, arbitrarily, in my opinion!

Within Book Readers Heaven, I've also started writing two memoirs (at first I wavered) but I'm now committed to, which will be open and written on an ongoing basis, free to read with no copyright issues.

If all goes well with the second cataract removal surgery, I hope to begin receiving requests for reviews--on a limited basis, with the awareness that my health cannot do the daily reading and blogging that I was previously providing. I'll keep you posted on that possibility.

In the meantime, please help me celebrate by trying for one of the Three $30.00 Amazon gift cards. With just a few simple rules... Sign up to follow Book Readers Heaven (check right-hand column of the blog).

Leave a comment to share whether you are an author, reader, or someone working in publishing, along with your name... and how to reach you. 

And start sharing posts that have been those you enjoyed! It can be on Twitter or Facebook, or other sites on which you are a member. I won't be checking, LOL. But I wanted to point out to authors that have been reviewed here at Book Readers Heaven. you are permitted to often share your own reviews routinely so that your book(s) are in the news more often... You can also post the link to your review on your own site to send your viewers to see a review that you appreciated! 

I receive no monetary payment for reviewing at Book Readers Heaven. I am now reading only e-books due to my eyes. That policy will continue...

What am I celebrating?! YOU, You writers who have created a book that you wanted to share with others... It may not even be published (yet) and you want to talk about or share a first chapter or two... Hey, I'll be happy to read and create the post here at Book Readers Heaven... And, as you know, if you use music in any of your book, I'll be using it to complement your book(s) I love Book Trailers...Let me know if you have one! Poets! Send me authority to use selections from your book(s). I'll post on a routine basis, which is an ongoing celebration of your words! 

All I want to do it share your Words! Those Words you have written and which you want to share... Let me know how you'd like to participate here! Nearly 1.8M have visited...Reading Your Words... Come back often, share your book to renew the celebration of your book(s) through excerpts, illustrations if you own the copyright or they are available for free use, and let me know if you'd like to be interviewed. Note that I do not use a standard format. I must actually read your book and will develop the questions based upon content. And the writer will approve that discussion prior to my ever posting!

And please remember that, I review based upon the belief that all are created equal...If I question the quality of a book, I will consult with the writer about it. No negative reviews are ever posted without specific issues being defined and explained. That includes any significant editorial errors that I find. Fair enough? I think so, but feel free to ask questions.

God Bless!


A very special shoutout of THANKS! to Blogger staff for maintaining and publishing the actual blog and Google for the free use of their staff's time and computer platforms! Freedom to Share our words is an important right, especially these days. Thank you! Sooooo Much!

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