Sunday, October 23, 2022

Visiting Poet, Regis Auffray, Sharing Listen (My Love) - Put a Little Love in Your Heart...


Listen (Loved One)

Listen to the stars
They desire to tell you
How to get back home

Listen to the voice
The voice of your inner child
Pleading to be heard

Listen to the rill
As it warbles down the hill
Spilling its secrets

Listen to the song
For angels are singing to us
From heavenly realms

Listen to the bird
It has flown from far away
It tells telling tales

Listen to your heart
It will reveal all to you
Including the truth

Listen to the owl
It strives to impart wisdom
From the depth of night

Listen to the wolf
Its howl stirs up memories
From our forever

Listen to this child
Her mind is not yet controlled
By life in this world

Listen to the universe
It has been here beyond time
Ever evolving

Listen if you will
To what I am imparting
Because I love you

© Regis Auffray

Thank you Regis... For Your Beautiful Words
We all need to stop and turn away from all that is happening in America, for at least just a moment, a minute, a lifetime...
We fear for our democracy given the lies of those running for office...
Can we stop it?
I depend upon God's Truth to win out
He is NOT a God of Lies, of trickery, of seeking power 
of violence...above all else
Even Him...
God is Love
God is Truth

Don't know how to judge truth?
Listen (My Love)
God Speaks to Each of Us
Listen (My Love)
What Would Jesus Do?
Listen to that still small voice churning within
Listen for HIS Truth...
Then Vote to Save Our Democracy...

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